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Nigerian Youths Are The Strongest In the World, Says Ambassador Osakwe



The founder of Felix Johnson Osakwe foundation, Ambassador Johnson Osakwe, has said that Nigerian youths are the strongest in the world.
Ambassador Osakwe said this when he paid courtesy visit to the Iyase of Asaba, Chief Patrick Isioma Onyeobi, to receive blessings on his bid to establish a foundation (Youth Movement) in Delta state.
According to him, though he was yet to ascertain if the President referrred to the youths as lazy, he opined that the nation’s youths are not lazy.
“I have been to many countries in the World; I have never seen where youths sell water and other things along the streets under the rain and sunshine. So, the strongest youths ever are Nigerian youths.”
He said that the foundation is more importantly for the youths and to let them know that they can make impact in the society and not waste away.
Osakwe who disagreed with the saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, stressed that youths would start its leadership today, as he noted that his movement is out to correct that impression.
On the issue of corruption, the ambassador said that Nigerians are been deceived by the international body to believe that all Nigerian are corrupt.
His words: If you do a research, you will find out that less than 5% are actually corrupt. So our youths are vibrant and they are highly intelligent.They can do a lot. That is where my movement comes in to give them hope and to teach them how to select a good leader that can represent them well. The movement is over a year, we have been in Rivers, Lagos, Abuja, Beyalsa, now in Delta state. After that, we will move to Osun State and the 36 states.”
He explained that his foundation has placed several youths on scholarship while others were given cash to start one business or the other.
Responding, the Iyase of Asaba, Chief Patrick Onyeobi saluted Ambassador Osakwe for taking youths into his plans, saying that the quality of the youths determines the quality of the nation.
He assured the foundation the support of Asaba palace to achieve his aspiration.
“We in Asaba will give you full support to achieve your aspiration especially in ensuring that our youths are taught the right way to go.”


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