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UPU Youthwing Calls For Dissolution Of NDDC’s IMC



Comrade Efemena Umukoro, President, Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide
President, Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Youthwing, Comrade Efemena Umukoro

The Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide has called on the federal government to dissolve the Interim Management Committee, IMC, of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, and swear in the substantive management approved by the National Assembly, with Bernard Okumagba, as the Managing Director.

The youths who made their position known at Abraka, Delta State, through their President General, Comrade Kelly Umukoro, said, “the IMC of the NDDC, has become more corrupt than its predecessor. The NDDC substantive management committee was dissolved by the Federal Government on the basis of corruption, yet the interim management committee set up to replace it is now more corrupt than its predecessors.”

“For instance, when the IMC came up to tell us that when it tells Nigerians the names of people who stole the commission’s money that the country will break, it means that it has chosen to hide the people who caused the pains that Niger Deltans are passing through, and by doing so, the IMC itself has openly admitted that it is corrupt, even more corrupt than its predecessors. What is their purpose of coming to office if they will not release the names of those who stole the collective wealth of Niger Deltans?”

The youths also described the Amnesty programme as a scam, saying, “Only the ijaw people have held the position of Coordinator in the amnesty programme, whereas, there are youths from other ethnic groups of Urhobo, Anioma, Itsekiri , e.t.c, in the Niger Delta area, so it is a scam. That we don’t fight does not make us a weak people.”

They also accused a human rights activist in the state who they say has turned human activism into a profit making job, extorting money from vulnerable Nigerians. They said “the activist does not consult, consolidate and confront which are the three bearings in human rights activism. He is only corrupt.”

Meanwhile, the youths have commanded the states police commissioner, Mr Hafiz Inuwa, for a good job in the state, noting that, “Crime has reduced so well since the arrival of the CP.”

Furthermore, they called on him to open a social-medium to be publishing his good work.


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