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EndSARS: UPU Youthwing President Urges Urhobo Youths To Protect Investments In Communities



President, Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide, Comrade Efemena Umukoro

By Daniel Dafe
President of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide, Comrade Efemena Umukoro, has called on Urhobo youths to be vigilant, saying that they must protect investments in Urhobo Nation and not be tempted to fall for the antics of hoodlums masquerading as EndSARS protesters to burn, loot and destroy investments in several parts of the nation.

Umukoro who spoke to journalists while responding to questions on the position of Urhobo youths on the violent protests of youths that called for an an end to police brutality, added that he is of the belief that in setting a target, once you are able to reach your target, whether you have enough energy to continue or not, it is better to stop because with success comes overconfidence.

Adding: “We have been able to make a sound point for once; we spoke with one voice and with one energy but at the point we should have left the stage when the ovation was high and not crashing.”

He continued: “EndSars was already disbanded. We should have been more objective in our plans.

“I must tell you, some people have used this opportunity to cause crisis in the nation. They took advantage of it and they did the whole rubbish that they have been doing. The Nigerian youths were focused in their cause at the beginning of the protests and were determined but the only problem is that we did not leave the stage when the ovation was high.”

According to him, it is hoodlums that hijacked the protests and carried out violent attacks on the nation and not the youths that have come out to call for a change..

Speaking further, he disclosed that he has received several calls from Urhobo youths, adding that Urhobo Nation has suffered the most during the said agitation that has continued for over a week now with several Urhobo indigenes reported dead during the crisis.

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“We have lost a police officer and two journalists,” he said.

“I have told Urhobo youths to hold their fire for now. We have other issues that we would need to protest over.
The issue of Zamfara selling their gold to the federal government and Urhobo Nation cannot sell their oil is a big issue. So, those are fundamental issues that we need to look into.”

“I have also told them to work with their host community to protect every facility in their locality because if they allow facilities in their locality to be destroyed, they wil be the loosers.

“We should understand that if we decide to use our hands to burn down the south south, we would be the ones to regret it because the north is so cooperative and supportive of themselves.

“So I am calling on Urhobo youths to protect every facility in their location and be good ambassadors of the nation.

“If we destroy the facilities located in our locality, it will take us 20 years to get them back. We should come out to protect what we have and say no to crime and criminality.”

Also, the youth leader thanked Agbarho youth leadership for preventing the youths from embarking on any EndSARS protests and even fixed a fine of N30, 000 for anyone that defaulted.

He then applauded the efforts of Hon. Tony Adjaino, SA to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Youth Mobilisation and Chief Emmanuel Idoghor, President General, Oruarivie Abraka Kingdom for preventing protesters from burning down the Abraka Police station some days back during the EndSARS protests in the community.

Speaking further, he condemned in totality the use of force on peaceful protesters, as he wished those injured quick recovery and sincerely condoled with families that lost their loved ones to the fight for Justice and a better Nigeria.



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