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Council Of Chiefs: Binidodougha, His Cohorts Out To Divide Egbema Kingdom, Put Its Communities At War



…Says He Remains Banished
…As Indigenes Pass Vote Of Confidence On Community Leaders

By Daniel Dafe
Rising from an extraordinary General Assembly, the people of Egbema have said that Egbema kingdom remains one indivisible and indissoluble kingdom, adding that Mr. Henry Binidodougha is falsely parading himself as HRH, the Ojuaga 1 of Egbema Clan consisting of the seven communities of Egbema Kingdom in Edo State and is out to divide Egbema kingdom and put its communities at war.

The said meeting held at Ofunama Town, in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State on Friday, 8th January, 2021, for 8 hours to review the recent occurrences, particularly as it relates to the recent attacks orchestrated by Mr. Henry Binidodougha and his followers against the territorial integrity and the customs and traditions of Egbema kingdom.

Resolutions reached contained in a press statement and signed by 10 chiefs noted that Egbema kingdom is made up of nine (9) traditional villages namely Opuama/Polobubor, Ofunama, Bolou-Jamagie, Abadegbene/Tu-Jamagie, Ogbinbiri, Ogbudugbudu, Gbeoba/Gbolukanga, Ajakurama and Abere.

Continuing, the statement said that “by the ancient traditions of the kingdom, there are four ruling houses namely; Opuama/Polobubor, Bolou-Jamagie, Ogbudugbudu and Ajakurama Ruling House/Villages,” adding that the customs and traditions of Egbema kingdom are gazetted in 1979 by the Military Administrator of the defunct Bendel State of Nigeria.”

According to the statement, “Mr. Henry Binidodougha falsely claims he was installed as a traditional ruler (Ojuaga 1) of the seven communities in Egbema by the Council of Chiefs at his Benin residence.”

Adding: “That at no time was Mr. Henry Binidodougha who hails from Ofunama town enthroned/installed and or crowned as a traditional ruler with any title whatsoever in Egbema kingdom.

“That the title of Ojuaga 1 is alien and repugnant to the customs and traditions of Egbema kingdom.

“That the activities of Mr. Henry Binidodougha are a direct attack on the ancient customs and traditions as well as the territorial integrity of the Egbema people, particularly as it relates to the traditional stool of the kingdom.”

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They condemned in strong terms, attempts by Mr. Henry Binidodougha and his cohorts to divide the kingdom and put its communities at war with each other.

Also, they frowned at moves by Mr. Binidodougha to intimidate members of the Traditional Council of Chiefs with men and officers of the Nigeria Police, Zone 5, as they called on the Inspector General of Police to intervene in the police cases pending at the office of the AIG, Zone 5, Benin City.

Furthermore, the kingdom disowned Mr. Henry Binidodougha and his followers and urged all indigenes of the kingdom to refrain from dealing with him.

They gave the names of some of the followers of Mr. Henry Binidodougha as Chief Tax Agbaibor, Mr. Abel Atigbi, Mr. Steven Lelekumo, Mr. Mienweri Lelekumo and Mr. Midwest Macauley.

Others are Hon. Solomon Erinbimi, Mr. Abel Ajemiri, Chief Tonmoghan Binidodougha, Mr. Samuel Uruopa, Mr. Desmond Agbedeyi, Mr. Okada Agatha, Apst. Towei Brasana, Mr. John Akpoebi, Mr. Didi Bele and Mr. Endurance Eferosua.

The list also has Mr. Augustine Atijere, Mr. Think Akinda Agbonifo, Mr. Tenten Orisama, Mr. Eseimokumo Agbaibor, Mr. Samuel Abaikirimi Agbedeye, Mr. Izonpere Thinkan, Mr. Tunfabor Egbu, Mr. Keremi Ekankumor, Mr. Matthew Bada,
Mr. Euphraim James Ofunama and Mr. Egelu Waribra.

Meanwhile, the kingdom has reaffirmed the banishment placed on Mr. Henry Binidodougha over his attempts to divide the kingdom and install himself as the Ojuaga I of the seven communities of Egbema kingdom in Edo State.

They warned the general public, particularly neighbouring kingdoms to be wary of the antics of Mr. Henry Binidodougha and his followers, saying that Mr. Henry Binidodougha was never and will never be crowned a traditional ruler as Ofunama where he hails from is not part of the ruling houses in Egbema Kingdom.

They resolved to abide by the ancient customs and traditions of one indivisible and indissoluble kingdom and also passed a vote of confidence on Egbema Traditional Council of Chiefs chaired by High Chief David Bubor, the Toripuwei of Egbema Kingdom.

Egbema Kingdom also vowed to continue to respond to any form of threat against the territorial integrity and the ancient Traditional Stool of Egbema kingdom, adding that “the kingdom has activated all its defense mechanism against any direct or indirect attack on its territories.”

Those that appended their signatures to the resolutions are Chief D. M. Bubor (Ofunama community), Chief Inspector Sele (Ajakurama community), Chief Johnbul Adaun (Opuama/Polobubor Community), Chief W. B Igbiriki (Ogbudugbudu community), Chief Joseph Fedisegha (Abere Community), Chief Goddey Omokenitu (Abadigbene/Bolou Jamagie I), Chief Ebi Eyenmi (Ogbinbiri community).

Others are Chief Simeon Igbedikuro (Jamagie II Community), Chief J. P. Owilly (Gbeoba/Ugbolukanga Community) and Chief Abudu Poweilatei (The Amaokosuwei of Ofunama community).


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