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When She Stops Talking, Nagging, It’s Dangerous!



Michael West

By Michael West

The easiest and common sign to identify women truly in love is their inquisitive and attention seeking tendencies. There’s a positive dimension to this trait in them. When they call at intervals to “check on you” or find out if you have “eaten” or to know updates on your activities, they are expressly demonstrating love and not feeling insecure or monitoring. In this wise, they usually sound tender, caring and naturally romantic. That’s the best a man could get from his “Queen.”

This same trait could become a stress on the relationship when it is negatively applied. Women are not known to be diplomatic when things get on her nerves. They don’t moderate their utterances under pressure or when confronted with consistent provocation. When irritated or dared, they burst like a pipe gushing its water under pressure. At this period, men need to be calm. The Queen has transmuted to a weird matriarch or an intemperate “Margaret Thatcher.” This happens when she is stretched to her elastic limit. She likes to see a change with the speed of light but it’s not happening. She craves for something satisfactory and emotionally soothing but she’s not getting it, hence she screams, nags and complains most of the time. But when she starts keeping quiet and ignoring her dislikes, she might be planning to effect a change; and that could be unpredictably painful, regrettable and ultimately disastrous.

Women don’t cheat or double deal in their relationships, they simply replace. The secret is that most women involved in extramarital affairs don’t just cheat, they replace their men in their hearts and consciousness with whoever they choose to date.

Women are the most complex beings to deal with. They could be extremely wonderful, supportive and protective. Women could withstand opposition in defense of their men. They could fight battles and sacrifice for their men willingly. Women are ready to severe relationship with their family and friends in defense of their men. Their level of sacrifice and commitment is unquantifiable.

In 1994, an artiste wanted to embark on money ritual. He was popular but living in poverty. His fame was not commensurate with his financial worth. He decided to do money ritual but the witch doctor asked him to bring the pubic hairs of his wife. He opened up to his wife about his plan and the requirement for it. To his surprise, she volunteered to offer her pubic hairs but pleaded that he should not maltreat her children and keep her in an hygienic environment knowing that she would have lost her senses as an invalid. She also pleaded that the new wife he would marry should not be allowed to harm her children. If her husband agreed to those simple conditions, she was ready to sacrifice herself for the good of her family. Her response rattled the man. To show that she actually meant what she said, she shaved her private parts and handed over the hairs to him in a nylon. That was how the man discarded the idea. Today, both of them are still alive and their situation has improved tremendously.

As sacrificial and supportive a woman could be, likewise she could be as deadly and destructive as death. King Solomon the Wise wrote in Ecclesiastes 7: 26 that he “found (sly, bitter, vindictive and vengeful) women more bitter than death.” Most of the challenges men face have connections with women. And conversely, women see men as their major source of problems, too. While the later may not always involve deep-seated bitterness and spiritual machination or manipulation, women could operate from both physical and spiritual flanks. May God touch their hearts so they could be lenient with their erring men. Amen.

Women are capable of switching loyalty. They find it convenient to redirect affection they have for their men towards their children or to whoever they’re involved with. When she stops fretting about your movements or nagging about details of your activities, just be watchful. She may not be involved in extramarital affairs but she’s up to a game of “siddon look” that could make you lie prostrate. Mind your utterances and stop grandstanding; watch and pray over your economic activities and state of health.

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A reader told me that “my elder brother is a potentate. Nobody dares question his authority or argues with him. Today, his wife has taught him a lesson. He’s so gentle now that he scarcely talk down on his maid. I won’t blame the wife because I can’t tolerate him that long.” She didn’t tell me what the wife did to the man but she added that “she showed him what it means to be a woman. Treating your wife like a slave is not acceptable to me. I will do the same thing if it happens to me. Today’s men are just lucky that many women are ignorant of the natural power God has blessed us with. Otherwise many men would be living in regrets for their oppressive attitudes, hurtful behaviours and assaults against women.”

Men should device ways of dealing with their women. Force and threats don’t really scare or intimidate women. Initially it may appear to be working but with time, they will be insulated from men’s bullish style and deviously weaken their Samsonic strength. Men should allow their women express themselves. They should see some sense in their ‘nonsense’ and learn to accept that women are equally endowed with wisdom, intelligence and insight. Respect should be mutual. Men, please tame your masculine exuberance and egoistic showmanship. Not a few men are crawling and barely surviving as a result of “discipline” they received from their women. The day you start treating your woman as your mother, queen, sister and daughter is the day you start living in peace and enjoying your marriage or relationship. When she starts keeping quiet and not complaining, please keep the situation in check because it could be dangerous.

Happy Good Friday and do have a peaceful Easter celebration.

_From the Mailbox_

*Re: Veiled Source of Marital Woes*

You’re so right about these covenants and vows made by desperate parents over their unborn babies and their consequences. Some parents even forgot after a while not knowing those gods (spirits) don’t forget. So, it may even be difficult for them to acknowledge they had gone through such diabolical process except a supernatural force compels them to confess it. Parents who had employed diabolical means but who later become born again may feel too ashamed to tell their children what they did in the past, thereby leaving the children to their fate. This is why I believe and would stress the need for such individuals facing challenges whether marital, economic or otherwise to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might to nullify whatever evil had been done or invoked on them, just like the case of the lady you cited in the article, who, after praying, saw the revelation of how her pregnant mother made a vow on her behalf. The authority of Christ in a true believer is more than capable to reveal the source of their problems with solutions because in some cases, the parents that made the covenants might have died. This is a great write-up. More ink to your pen. _*– Becky O, Lagos.*_

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