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It Is Peace That We Need In Idoma Land!



The disquietude that trailed the selection process of the new Och’Idoma had no historical precedence in Idoma land at least not in recent times, and clearly negated the cultural values and heritage of the Idomas as a people.

While I acknowledged that it’s the prerogative of the people to have personal opinions, it is however pertinent to be mindful of desecrating the cultural symbol of the throne to avoid being left in atrophy.

Today, I write in good conscience as a concern native of Idoma land and a representative of the youth community neither to vilify nor glorify, but, rather, to appeal to the conscience of the sons and daughters of the Idoma kingdom to embrace peace which the Idoma people were synonymous for.

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Going further, while I understand the existential entanglement of politics to traditional institutions as embraced in the constitution, it is worthy to note that the sanctity of our culture is of paramount importance as Africans, as such, the traditional institutions shouldn’t be another political arena for throwing tantrums.

In the light of togetherness, May I formally congratulate the newly selected Och’Idoma Dr. Elaigwu John Odogbo, on his selection and appeal to him to see his choice as a divine arrangement and use the throne to unite the kingdom better than he had met it.

In all optimism, I believe the hovering storms will soon be over and the rain of peace and sunshine of unity shall becloud our land once again.

Rt. Hon. Jeremiah Friday Ohomah
Speaker, North Central Youth Parliament (NYCP)


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