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Idjerhe Kingdom To Angus: You Aren’t Ovie-Elect, Whiskey Remains King



Idjerhe Kingdom To Angus: You Aren't Ovie-Elect, Whiskey Remains King

By Daniel Dafe

Notable chiefs of Idjerhe kingdom have debunked claims by Mr. Angus Omasoro that said he is the Ovie-elect of the kingdom.

Omasoro had said that the Court of Appeal of Nigeria, Asaba Judicial Division uphEld him as the Ovie Elect of Idjerhe Kingdom.

But in a swift reaction, the Senior Unugbrogodo of the kingdom, High Chief Godwin Ofishe, Unuevworo of Jesse Central subclan, High Chief (Dr.) Solomon Ojariafe and Unuevworo of Boboroku subclan, Chief Ejovi Solomon Doghor in separate interviews with journalist after an emergency meeting of the traditional council of chiefs, warned Omasoro to stop misleading the public.

High Chief Ofishe said the reason for the said gathering was to clear the air on malicious statements and posts on social media platforms by Omasoro claiming that His Royal Majesty Monday Obukohwo Whiskey, Udurhie I, has been removed, saying that all such reports are false.

He added: “As you can see, we are with him here and Idjerhe kingdom is peaceful.  There is no problem over the kingship or with the king.”

The Unugbrogodo described the actions of Omasoro as “very primitive and malicious.”

Speaking further, he urged him to embrace peace, just as he called on those who are supporting him to embrace peace and work hand in hand with the current king and chiefs.

In the same vein, the Unuevworo of Jesse Central subclan who was visibly angry, said the matter was one of misinformation.

His words: “He has been misinformed and he is misinterpreting the tradition of the kingdom. We understand that the matter is in court already and we would not want to comment, but our king remains and he is the one with the staff of office and since he is with it, he automatically is the king of the kingdom.”

He continued: “Mr. Angus is just trying to create problems where there ought not to be problems. He is not even qualified to be the king or even to contest because his chieftaincy title is not up to five years, but due to some things, mistake was made and those who crowned him later realised that it was a mistake and they withdrew their support.

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“I was expecting that he would drop the ball naturally and come back so that we can work together in peace and harmony.  There is no need for us to be wasting all these money and time running to court and back when we all know that at the end, nothing is going to come out of it because the kingdom has chosen their king and we have not said that we are looking for a new king. So, I think all these are measures of frustration.

“The kingdom belongs to all of us and there is so much we can do when we come together.  There is no need fighting. He should come so that we will unite the kingdom together for the common good of the kingdom. As for the rumour that is going on that the king has been removed, it is false. You can see that the king is seated. These are the 3 sub clans and this is the only place you can see such gathering and it should tell the whole story that this is where the power belongs.  With this, I think that everything is going to be fine and all this are just temporary.

“This is a traditional matter and traditional issues should be treated traditionally so that nobody gets hurt because we are dealing with the ancestors of the land. In a short while now the ancestors are going to revolt or react and we don’t want to lose anyone of them. That’s why personally I am appealing to him; he is a good friend. He should drop this fight so that we can come together and unite for the better good of this community. “

Also, Chief Doghor said what they all need is for the return of a prodigal son.

“All those supporting him are all prodigal children and we want them to come back. A good father must always receive his repented child.

“Our amiable king was well selected and the first of his kind in the history of Idjerhe kingdom. So, it remains a settled matter for every one of us within the three sub clans. He was selected and that is the reason why when he calls, every person will always like to honour him,” he added.

On his part, Chief Austin Ogheneovo Atiti who spoke on behalf of Onyobru subclan, said “no kingdom has two kings.”

According to him, Idjerhe kingdom does not have any problem with succession of a king.

He said: “We already have a king. So what we are talking about in Idjerhe kingdom now is development not a king. We already have a king that everybody has embraced.”

Continuing, he said: “Angus is one of the kingdom’s sons and we are aware of that. He is one of our sons who live abroad and that is all we know. We also know that there was one time he had the intention of becoming the king but during the selection period of picking a king for the throne, he was never present and at the end of the day, we had a king.  My advice for him is that he should be a loyal son to the kingdom.”

He tasked the community to be more united so that there can be more development in the kingdom.

Earlier, the traditional ruler who presided over the meeting, while briefing the press, said: “I have not been removed as the king. I still remain His Royal Majesty, Monday Obukohwo Whiskey, Udurhie I, Ovie  of Idjerhe Kingdom. So from whichever quarter that said that I have been removed, is false information. You can see the whole kingdom seated, the High Chiefs, the Chiefs of the kingdom, the Olotu of the Kingdom both male and female all seated so that information is the imagination of whoever is spreading that rumour.”

Advice to Idjerhe people

“My advice to the people of Idjerhe kingdom is for them to embrace peace. It is in God that I trust. From every available fact you can see that we have peace here. It’s for us to improve and increase the peace. I call on my sons and daughters of Idjerhe kingdom to ensure that they do everything within the law and whoever that is trying to promote anarchy, the kingdom will not work with such persons because we are for peace and peace is what we pray for.”


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