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NCPF Youth Wing Strongly Denounces Baseless Allegations Against TETFUND Boss, Sonny Echono




The North Central People’s Forum (NCPF), Youth Wing has issued a response to Lawyer United Against Corruption (LUAC) in defense of TETFUND boss Sonny Echono.

The NCPF Youth Wing normally wouldn’t engage in such matters but felt compelled to address the misinformation being spread. They emphasize the importance of transparency and accountability, and condemn any attempts to tarnish the reputation of individuals in public office.

The NCPF Youth Wing dismisses LUAC as a group lacking credibility until they register with the appropriate authorities and reveal their identities. They highlight Sonny Echono’s esteemed career and assert that the attacks on his character are baseless.

This response aims to set the record straight and prevent the spread of misinformation.

The Press Release says, Ordinarily the leadership of the North Central People’s Forum (NCPF), Youth Wing wouldn’t have responded to the absurdity and the shenanigans of the attention seeking, faceless and unknown Lawyer United Against Corruption (LUAC) against the TETFUND boss Sonny Echono, but the fear of having a misinformation being consumed by the general public has made this rejoinder necessary and inevitable.

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In as much as we believe in the principle of transparency and accountability in every aspects of our national endeavors, we frown at any attempt by an individual or groups to embark on a charade of intentional mischief to malign the integrity of the people in office for whatever ungodly purpose they intend to achieve.

And this was exactly the case of this faceless and pen-triggered
association who had sort popularity for their unknown association by dragging in the mud the excellent and widely adjudged dignified reputation of the Executive Secretary of TETFUND Sonny Echono through a concocted, misguided and baseless allegations.

Before we can start taking the jesters of these imposters and career failed impersonators rebranded as Lawyer United Against Corruption ( LUAC) seriously, we suggest they should first go formalize their existence by registering the Association with the CAC and attached faces to her leadership. Until then, they are nothing short of brigand of wandering miscreants whose nuisances should be limited to the surfaces of the newspaper

For the record , prior to his appointment at TETFUND , Dr. Sonny Echono has distinguished himself as a honorable administrator who is patriotic, committed and dedicated to the project Nigeria through a meritorious service with admirable career path spanning decades. Therefore, the attacks on his person is laughable and one cannot but undertake to put the record straight specially for the public to be lagged against misinformation.

Comr. Jeremiah Friday Ohomah,
President NCPF Youth Wing


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