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Reno Omokri To Tinubu: In Leadership, Weakness Is Wickedness



Reno Omokri To Tinubu: In Leadership, Weakness Is Wickedness

By Daniel Dafe

Former Presidential Aide, Reno Omokri, has called on the military in Nigeria to be tough on Nigerians bent on toppling the administration of President Bola Tinubu, urging the president to stop being nice and ready to swallow the many insults, just as he said that “in leadership, weakness is wickedness.”

In a Sunday social media post via his X handle, he recalled how “someone threatened to kill President Biden, and the FBI shot him dead the next day,” wondering how many people openly and flagrantly calling for a military coup in Nigeria and 24 hours later, they are still sleeping in their bed?”

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In his words: “Ha! Tinubu, this is not how to be a President! In leadership, weakness is wickedness. Nobody should get away with that kind of abuse of freedom of speech. Nobody! Niceness is not a virtue in a leader. It is a vice.”

He continued: “If you are an emir and you call for a coup, deposition and exile straight. If you are a regular citizen and call for a coup, automatic treason trial. You will eat one-week-old bread and water in DSS underground cell until your trial.”

“We fought hard for this democracy and should not allow ANYONE to derail it,” he opined.


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