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CSU: Why Bola Tinubu Is Finished



President Tinubu To Address Nigerians October 1

It doesn’t matter how balanced you wish to be in this matter. It is almost inevitable that Tinubu cannot escape from all this commotion. The power of the presidency is enormous and it is so difficult to defeat a man in that office. But it is also impossible for any man to stand under the weight which Tinubu is carrying on his head right now.

I think he is done for. Why do I feel this way? The problem and the investigations are only just beginning. What will happen when a staff of Chicago State University gets arrested by the FBI for conspiracy to forge a certificate?

Just watch and you can guess the direction this wind is blowing. If Tinubu goes down in this maelstrom, many are going down with him. I can feel it. Read the following:

*Takeaways from a live interview of J. Coyden Palmer a US journalist and an Alumni of Chicago State University on September 29, 2023:*

The Specific and special takeaways from the Interview;

(1) that their investigation of the social security number on the transcript from Southwest college belong to a woman and was issued in Virginia and that they don’t have any record that AMODA was ever in Virginia.

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(2) That they believe that there was an inside person in CSU that assisted AMODA in the forgeries.

(3) that he personally went to the University Archives to investigate the year book of 1979 and to his shock, he saw other year books but found the 1979 year book to be missing.

(4) that Yes, there is something like a third party vendor but the request for a replacement diploma must come direct to the schools online portal and for a fee of $8.00 that the school will then send out the information of the student to their third party vendor for production.

(5) That what AMODA presented to INEC is an obvious fake certificate and that he immediately detected it once he saw the copy of the certificate.

(6) That one would think that if an Alumni of a university goes on to become the President of the biggest black Nation on earth, that the University would use his information, pictures etc for advertising and enrollment drive but everyone in Chicago is wondering why the silence from the University?

(7) That a lot of journalists in the US are now asking the right and relevant questions and that pressure is mounting on the University to come clean on what transpired.

(8) That the Governor of Chicago is equally being anticipated to intervene in the matter.


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