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Skills Development: NYSC CDS Group Seeks Partnership With CPS To Gov Soludo



Skills Development: NYSC CDS Group Seeks Partnership With CPS To Gov Soludo

By Tony Eri

Members of the Editorial and Publicity CDS Group of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Anambra State recently paid a courtesy visit to the Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Christian Aburime.

The aim of the visit was to introduce themselves, explore potential collaborations, and leverage the governor’s office platform to create lasting impacts for themselves and future corps members.

Welcoming the group, Mr. Aburime emphasized Governor Soludo’s dedication to youth empowerment initiatives. He cited the successful “One Youth, Two Skills” program, which has already equipped 5,000 youths with valuable skills, with plans to empower another 10,000 this year.

Recognizing the digital age, Mr. Aburime highlighted the Solution Innovation District, which has empowered over 20,000 youths with various digital skills, aligning with Governor Soludo’s mantra of “everywhere technology, technology everywhere.”

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He advised the corps members to be prepared to seize opportunities by acquiring relevant skills, stating, “Opportunity is everywhere, but only those who are fully prepared will take advantage of it.”

Mr. Aburime cautioned the group against negative behaviors that could hinder their future success. He encouraged them to pursue their passions, acquire skills, and have a vision for the future, emphasizing that “your skill, not your degree, will make you successful in life. Your degree is only a means to an end.”

Addressing the “japa syndrome”, Mr. Aburime urged the corps members to believe in Nigeria’s potential, reminding them that “if we all travel abroad, who will stay back to build Nigeria?” He expressed confidence in the President Tinubu’s administration’s ability to replicate the success of Lagos in transforming Nigeria into an economic hub.

In a vote of thanks, the President of the Editorial and Publicity CDS Group expressed gratitude to Mr. Aburime for his guidance and encouragement. Recognizing their unfamiliar surroundings, they requested his mentorship and support for their planned programs. They pledged to serve as beacons of hope and contribute meaningfully to the development of Anambra State during their service year.

This visit underscores the collaborative spirit between the Anambra State government and the NYSC in empowering young Nigerians. By acquiring valuable skills and contributing to their host communities, these corps members can play a vital role in shaping the future of their nation.


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