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Oasis Magazine International, publishers of Oasis Magazine (OM), is a Nigerian media organisation based in Delta with a vision to help make Nigeria become a first-class nation. We are committed to the growth of Nigeria’s democracy, an upgrade in the socio-economic well-being and rights of the people and also use every available opportunity to advocate for best practices, good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a modern democratic state.

Apart from all the above, we also are on a mission to inspire people on a very individual basis and help them achieve personal greatness.

Though based in Nigeria, we hope our influence reaches far more than Nigeria, even beyond the African continent.

The publisher of Oasis Magazine, Daniel Dafe Umukoro, believes that of all the institutions of a modern democracy, the media matters is a vital player. It can help forge new communities, pursue political and social agenda in support of a better society, and help build visions of hope and resistance. Sadly, the media can also lead in negative directions: dividing people and truncating hope and vision. In our country, the media have played both roles at different times in our history.

Sad as it may sound, too many media organisations have put profits as their primary focus ahead of ethics of the profession. We hope to be different and join the few among the majority that are treading the path of honesty, integrity and truth not minding whose horse is gored at any time.

Oasis Magazine was founded over seven years ago. it started operations as a monthly print media publication and a few years ago embarked on the online platform project.

We believe that the time has come for Nigeria to embrace the challenge of progress and development in a substantial and concrete sense.

We bring a huge commitment to offer our country the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge our nation on the path of development and social re-engineering.

We are very determined to raise the bar of journalism in our country.

We hope to publish across all formats, where we hope to appeal to the bulk of our young and middle class elites (though our target audience has no age or class limits) with a vision of the future and a belief in social change.