Delta Election Marred With Irregularities, APC Will Reclaim Stolen Mandate – Promise Ogumu




By Maria Patrick Emeka

The Ovie Omo Agege gubernatorial coordinator for Ika North East, in last Saturday’s election in Delta state, Mr Promise Ogumu, has vowed that the All Progressive Congress (APC) will retrieve its mandate which he said was allegedly stolen by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Promise Ogumu, who spoke to APC supporters at Asaba after PDP was announced winner of the election, said Ovie Omo Agege was robbed of victory, describing it as “electoral fraud”.

He urged his supporters, APC faithful, lovers of the Deputy President of the Senate and Deltans across the state to remain calm as Ovie Omo Agege and the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) pursues the course of justice through legal means to reclaim the mandate.

Stressing that Deltans across party lines and leadership of the party in Delta are united and solidly behind DSP Ovie Omo-Agege in his quests to recover the stolen mandate.

“I want to thank the good people of Delta state who were involved in this political process to see that the will of our people is determined electorally. The will of our people was made manifest in the few elections that have happened.

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“First of all, take a look at the senatorial elections where the All Progressive Congress APC recorded 2 out of 3 wins. So, right now, we have two out of three senators in Delta state; in respect of the governorship we are going to court and we are certain that we are going to get it, because the rigging that gave the PDP victory was manifest.

“We have seven members of the House of Assembly, with more to be added when a few shenanigans that were introduced by the INEC electoral officers are resolved.

“So, electorally, Delta state has become an APC state. It is a thing of joy and I thank the good people of Delta State for giving the All Progressive Congress this resounding victory.

“One can say clearly that this governorship outcome is not in consonance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Delta State and their democratic intentions.

“It is a matter that the people are not happy about; it is a matter that has raised disquiet in Delta State because it is a clear abortion of their democratic intentions and people have become worried and agitated; tempers are rising but we have done everything possible, we have called our leaders to remain calm and resolute.

“We are certain that this electoral fraud which was orchestrated by a few persons within INEC, both in Delta and Abuja, will be addressed. We have resolved as a party, as a people, to follow the due process of law to retrieve the mandate. Delta people have expressed their disquiet.”

He continued: “We are going to explore all options that are available, we are not going to rule anything out in the legal process. The result as announced by INEC is not in consonance with the votes cast; we have multiple evidences of clear illegalities that are not in line with the electoral laws.

“We have several cases of over-voting, we have several cases of ballot box snatching, we have several places where people bypassed the BVAS, where people who were said to have voted or votes ascribed to people were higher than what was captured by the BVAS as accredited voters.”

“The election did not meet the standard expected; it was marred by brigandage, it was almost like warfare; ballot boxes were snatched, changing of figures, kidnapping and imprisonment of electoral officers, there were fake security officers with tags and uniforms procured for them with government vehicles. State government officials spearheaded this heist that occurred in Delta State and it is not acceptable.

“I want to urge our people in Delta State to remain calm and peaceful, prayerful. Keep faith in God knowing that truth and justice shall prevail, he said.


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