HRM Lucky Ararile Is A Royal Father With Exception –CPS




By Daniel Dafe

Chief Onuvie Emore, Chief Chief Press Secretary, CPS, to the Ovie of Umiaghwa Abraka Kingdom in Ethiope East, HRM (AVM) Lucky Ochuko Ararile (Rtd.), has described his boss as a “traditional ruler with exception.”

He said this while responding to questions during a chat with Oasis Magazine during the 12th coronation anniversary of the traditional ruler on Sunday.

Chief Emore who is also the Owheta of the kingdom, added: “He is one jolly good fellow king and once you can tune him in the right channel you will see the wonders that will come out of him.”

According to him, HRM Ararile “is a friend of the press.”

Adding: “He always accommodates the press.”

He continued: “Whenever I bring issues that concern the press to him, he handles it very well and to the satisfaction of everybody.”

He noted: “Frankly, he is not someone you can buy over. He comes out to tell you the way it is and the way it should be and that is how it should be and this is one thing that makes him different. He is a father to the core.”

Continuing, he said the monarch is a very straightforward person.”

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Chief Onuvie Emore

“When you advise him, he listens. He gives listening ears and he is not an authoritarian,” he said.

He prayed for the king to continue to have a very successful reign with long life and prosperity.


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