Okuama: Who Is CDS Musa Fooling?




I condemn killing of soldiers, revenge killing of innocent Okuama locals, burning of Okuama community and displacement of Okuama locals.

No justification for the military preventing an elected governor of Delta from accessing Okuama village he was elected to govern by the people of the state. It is abuse of power by the Nigerian military.

A lot of questions have not been answered by the military.Who invited the military to Okuama community? Did Governor Sheriff Oborevwori invite the military for the supposed questionable peace mission?

Is it the role of the military to be involved in civilian matters? Are the military still under President Bola Tinubu who is the Commander-In-Chief ? Has President Tinubu become a military dictator using the military for civilian matters?

Is Okuama an oil and gas producing community? Why has the federal government involved the military in oil and gas protection? What is the constitutional role of the military?

Nigeria is not practicing democracy under President Tinubu. He is undermining democracy. Why has President Tinubu and Sheriff not set up commission of inquiry on the Okuama kilings? Is Okuama community in Ughelli South not a community in Nigeria?

Why has President Tinubu not withdrawn the military from the oil installations? The Chief of Defence staff has said that there is too much illegal bunkering? Who is aiding illegal bunkering in Nigeria?

Has the illegal bunkering not taken place under the watch of the military in the South South? Has the militarilisation stopped illegal bunkering in the South South region of Nigeria?

The military are not in the South South to stop illegal bunkering but to aid and abet illegal bunkering. It is waste of exercise to bring the military to protect oil and gas facilities. The Nigerian Police if well equipped to protect lives and properties in Nigeria can protect oil and gas facilities and stop illegal bunkering in collaboration with civilian surveillance contractors.

The military were not relevant hence Tantita and Tompolo were awarded surveillance contracts to stop illegal bunkering. Every military officer posted to South South of Nigeria are here to aid illegal bunkering and make money from illegal bunkering activities.

Is Tinubu not worried that military has taken over roles of the police. Who elected the military to rule Nigeria? Tinubu should come and speak on the roles of the military and police. Tinubu who swore to uphold the Nigerian Constitution is no longer upholding it.

Is the chief of Defence Staff the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria?

We need peace in Okuama. The Ewu traditional ruler should be released by the military. Tinubu seems to be pretending or acting on impunity for granting military to take over Okuama.

Those arrested by the military should be handed over to the police. Major D.E. Obi was the Platoon Commander of military guards at Utorogu Gas Plant in Delta state but surprisingly rendered self to be used by unknown persons for the supposed and questionable peace mission of Okuama.

Whoever is found wanting in Okuama killing should be prosecuted in the law court by police. Nigeria is not under military.
Okuama has no oil and gas facilities.

The military is not the police and has no powers to perform the role of police. I don’t know where the military has obtained the power from to take over Okuama community and unlawfully arrested Ewu traditional that was surrendered by the Delta state police command under CP Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi to the ‘almighty military” that Tinubu is deliberately scared of or acting on their impunity.

As for IG Egbetokun and CP Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi, the Delta State Police Command should know what the role of Nigerian Police is. Sheriff should know his roles as elected governor of Delta.

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The military must leave Okuama matters and deliver intervention to police without failure. Tinubu, you swore to govern the entire Nigeria and not only Yoruba people. Nigeria is not the personal property of Tinubu.

If Okuama community was in Yoruba land will you allow any Oba to be unlawfully arrested and detained. There seems to be a conspiracy to paint Urhobo land and entire Delta bad to de-market Delta as the crime headquarters of Nigeria all aimed to drive away investors from Delta.

The military shouldn’t mix up Okuama kilings to illegal bunkering as said by Chief of Defence staff and Maj General Tajudeen Olanrewaju retired. Whoever that is found wanting must be handed over to the police for prosecution.

Why is President Tinubu and Gov Sheriff scared of setting up a commission of inquiry to look into the matter and rather hearing only one side. “Wetin Soldiers go do for Okuama?”. Okuama that has no oil and gas facilities and can’t be labelled illegal bunkering yard?

Crude oil business doesn’t take place in Okuama. No pipeline run through Okuama so what illegal bunkering will they do in Okuama? No oil wells is in Okuama. The military should concentrate on how to end terrorism, kilings and kidnapping in Northern part of Nigeria rather exterminating a remote village of Okuama in Ughelli South LGA of Delta State.

Zik Gbemre
April 4,2024

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