Man Invites Friend Who He Borrowed N3M From To His House, Kills Him With Pestle




Bello Zubairu is said to have killed his friend, Bello Bukar Adam who he borrowed Three Million Naira from and was unable to refund the money.

According to a post on X on Friday, Zubairu initially hired two assassins to help kill his friend, but later changed his mind and decided to invite him to his house.

Unknown to Adam, his friend had already concluded plans to kill him.

Upon his arrival, the friend hit him with a pestle smashing his skull, and ended his life through the process.

Zubairu used the car owned by the deceased which he drove in to his place to dump his corpse along the Kano-Zaria road before he was caught and has since been arrested.

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The poster in urging readers to glean lessons from the incidence, wrote-

Avoid lending your friends money,except with witnesses and proper documentation and except such friend is well trusted bcus many have died after lending money to their friends. when they cannot pay back the money, they will do everything to eliminate you.

Stop announcing every good thing that comes your way. You don’t need anyone to validate your happiness. Because 90 percent of those you are telling may not be happy. Some will go to any length to sabotage you while showing you physically that they are happy with your progress.

Be careful with the type of company you keep at all times. because sometimes those who want to nutrialise you are your close friends whom you usually tell everything about yourself. avoid keeping a jealous friend, or any friend you know that like competing with you. Always keep a low profile. not everybody should know your where about.

Stop advertising your wealth on social media, or showing your family members. The bandits, armed robbers, Boko Haram and ISWAP also use social media.

Please be careful.


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