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DELSAN, Not A Personal Program Of Toma Fortune, 18 Member Delegates Do Not Represent Interest Of Delta Law Students



A communique issued by Delta state law students and released by the following members:

The southern league leader of Lawsan 5th Senate (Sen. Edevbie Emmanuel

Hon. Oyibocha O. Frank Ejiro

Sen. Godwin A. John

Pastor Joshua Okoro

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And thousands of Delta state law students
after an emergency meeting held today, Sunday, 26th December, 2021

It has become pertinent that we alert the general public to be on the lookout for this set of people parading in search of whom to scam with the disguise of Law school scholarship Committee. And equally calling themselves DELSAN substantive Executives when the Association has not held her election.

The idea to birth Delsan has been conceived but there is no legal step taken yet.

Everybody knows that no association exists without a defined structure by a Constitution, but TOMA and its allies have constantly insisted on running the association without a functioning constitution in order to use the association to siphon money from members of the state.

Concerned members of the association have raised questions to the person of TOMA, demanding for the constitution that empowers bank account operations which he claimed the association is using, appointments he has made, the scholarship beneficiaries and constitutional functions of his self imposed exco before he left for law school which he promised to furnish two months ago.

TOMA abandoned these questions with the excuse that he is facing challenges in law school.

TOMA and its allies have not seized from deceiving members of the state with the same law school scholarship scam.

Yes, it is a scam because the names of people he claims benefited from the scholarship scheme are not indigents and some of them are not indigenous students of Delta state who need this assistance.

It is on record with evidence that the money collected by TOMA and his allies under the pretense of law school scholarship end up being shared among themselves under mango trees and hotel rooms in Asaba.

This is true because TOMA has always set aside 40% of the money gotten from each office for those who assisted him to get his victims in the Government house.

The association has not been inaugurated, no constitutional framework and no constitutional drafting committee has been set up to that effect before now.

We repeat, prima facie that nothing stands upon nothing and you can’t give what you don’t have (Nemo dat quod non habet ) therefore, the appreciation and letter of recognition, and appointment letters given by Toma and is 18 member delegate is null and void as no constitution and legal framework is empowering the activities.

Toma fortune and his 18 member delegates visit to Delta State House of Assembly on 16th November 2021 and to the office of Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Isaiah Bozimo on 26th November, and other Delta State dignitaries secretly were never reported back, these prove the illegal intentions of TOMA and his allies.

Hence, we apologize to those victims who have already fallen for it, we appreciate the love you people have for us and the entire Deltans who are students of various disciplines in Nigeria tertiary institutions and diaspora.

The action of TOMA and his colleagues do not reflect 1% of Delta state law students’ interest and there is no way their dealings will be of Delta State Law students’ interest.

In a telephone conversation with senator Edevbie Emmanuel, the southern league leader of 5th senate of the Law students association of Nigeria (Lawsan) which by the default of Section 27, the Constitution of Lawsan, to charge all activities of the southern league by the provisions of the National constitution, TOMA said and I quote that;

“DELSAN has a constitution and this constitution is kept out of the public on administrative discretion of the executive, the association has been existing for the past five years without the public knowledge of its existence”.

Therein, by implication of the statement made to the southern league leader by TOMA, succinctly shows that TOMA and the unknown persons have been scamming the state with different styles of fake programs such as law school scholarship.

We also want to use this medium to appreciate Delta state Government’s in the interest and commitment towards the indigenous students by including the welfare of her students as champion by the Delta state scholarship board in every budget of the state.

We hereby State as earlier with total dismal that whatever they did or said is not representing Delta State Law students rather than their selfish interest.

We are asking the general public with this notice to be on the lookout for Toma Fortune and his 18 member delegate for any future dealings.

We are using this medium to inform the general public that a constitutional drafting committee has been constituted and DELSAN will formally publish the name of its executive members after the Constitution has been drafted and adopted and the association formally inaugurated.

We are urging all Delta State Law students across Nigeria universities to be calm. DELSAN will be lawfully established and inaugurated with the appropriate procedure and they will all be carried along and duly represented.

Why the general public must be guarded about TOMA and his 18 allies’ desperate steps to make DELSAN personal firm or as a source of livelihood.

The Idea of establishing Delsan was conceived by one time Sen .Avwodigari God’swill John, student-faculty of law, University of Benin who served briefly as Sergeant at the arm in Lawsan 5th senate, who approached the chapter President of DELSU who set machinery on ground to properly inaugurate DELSAN but because of TOMA’s lifestyle of reaping and pegging on other persons ideas, took advantage of being aware of this plan and the vision, hijacked the process and constituted an 18 member delegate without a formal process.

The House of Assembly, office of the Attorney General, and other agencies should stop dealing with this person henceforth, the association will formally announce to the general public and Delta state Government of her legitimate and constitutionally elected executives.

But before the formal, we appeal to the Delta State house of Assembly, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, and other Delta state agencies visited by Toma Fortune to please halt every dealings with him and his 18 member delegates.

The association is not all about collecting money from philanthropists and state members. The association’s vision is to contribute to the legal institutions of the state and the welfare of Delta state students across Nigeria states and diaspora, such as moot competition among schools, seminars and webinars on legal issues.


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