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D.A.R.E! (Dive, Attempt, Risk, Experiment)!





Your great plans and desires will remain just plans and desires if you refuse to take any action on them. Nothing happens until you make them happen and you never know what you can do until you step out and do something. Today I want to stir up a lion’s heart in you that will make you an adventurous and bold action oriented person.

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I want to start by asking you this question; what is really not making you take that bold step that you know you are supposed to take? In case it is a certain fear of uncertainty or failure, do you know that you can turn that same negative feeling into a motivation for you to do exactly what you are afraid of doing? All you need to do is to change your perception of what you are about to do. Start seeing it as an opportunity for adventure. Change your negative “what ifs” into positive ones. That is, instead of asking ‘what if I don’t make it?’ Start asking ‘what if I make it?’ What is the positive outcome going to be? When you decide that the positive outcome will far outweigh the negative outcome or the outcome of your not doing anything at all, you will find yourself thinking more about how it will work and you will start tending towards the ideas and solutions that will make what you want to do to work out positively.

Allow the potential positive outcome of taking that risk motivates you to take it! Stop being afraid of what people call ‘failure’. A great man and friend of mine called Osagie Alex once told me that nothing has a meaning except the one we give to it. He said we need to see failure as positive feedback; something we should learn from to keep moving forward. Such a mindset will keep you moving forward and taking bold steps in your life. A great man that has influenced and inspired me a lot called Fela Durotoye once said that the future is everything that we can become that we have not yet become. He said the future is inside us i.e. we are pregnant of it. What we need to do is to PUUUUUUSH so we can deliver the future. Now I say to you are you ready to PUUUUUUUSH to deliver your future?

Now I am not in any way saying that you should just get up and take risks for taking sake; like going around looking for risks to take. No not at all. I am saying take risks that are in line with your things like your dreams, passions and career fulfillment. Take risks that you know will be profitable and beneficial to you in the long run. Practice the things you have been learning. Break that inertia. You may have become so used to not doing anything that the thought of doing something seems so uncomfortable to you. Remember that the fact that something feels strange or unusual doesn’t exactly mean it is wrong. It may just mean that you are stretching yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone; which means that you are about to enter into a new level of discovery, adventure, experience and achievement.
The reason some people don’t achieve certain things is simply because they did not think it was possible so they did not desire to achieve it and they did not Dive, Attempt, Risk or Experiment it. Set a specific target for yourself and set out to achieve it. Dive at it, Attempt it, Risk it, Experiment it.

Chances are that you may beat your target; especially if you refuse to give up. Go for it like you know you are going to achieve it! Be open to learn and make necessary adjustments while you are at your adventure; but don’t give up! You are about to give birth to something that both you and the world will be greatly impacted with.
Be ready to Dive, Attempt, Risk and Experiment with your mind also. In his book Thinking BIG Dr. Ben Carson said if the human brain capacity was to be fabricated into a physical Central Processing Unit (CPU) like that of a computer, it would be like a 20 storey building. He said in reality we barely use up to 10% of our brain’s capacity. This means that there is still sooooo much more that you can do if only you are willing to stretch yourself especially with your mind. There are so many new things that you can discover and come up with using that great and powerful mind of yours. Decide today to stretch yourself to your next capacity level. If you will D.A.R.E to try things out in a new way you may discover a new and more efficient style that may soon become a model for others to follow.

Take that driving lesson. Take that catering or craft lesson. Go for that training course. Start that business. Write that proposal and take it to that organization. Render that help or assistance. Try out that solution. Make that investment. Read that book. Take that next step in line with your goals and desires today. Turn those ideas and intentions into products and solutions. Stretch yourself. Deliver that future that is locked up inside you. Like Fela Durotoye would say, tell yourself you can, tell yourself you will and tell yourself you must! This generation and myself are eagerly waiting for the great outcomes of your positive decision to Dive, Attempt, Risk and Experiment. Do not stop until you achieve all your life and career goals.

Today take a bold step that you have been wishing to take in a long time and tell me about it if you can.

The world is waiting to hear and read about your success stories.
I believe in you.

Ifoghale O. Efeturi
[email protected]


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