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The Church In Nigeria Has Missed It— Apostle Egharevba By Dafe Rukevwe




Dr. Samson Ayokunle, President Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)


The presiding Apostle, Light of the World Bible Church of God, Worldwide, with headquarters in Benin City, Edo State, Apostle Dr. Nosakhare Egharevba has taken a swipe at Nigerian pastors, stressing that with the present state of things, the church in Nigeria has missed it.

Responding to questions from our correspondent in Warri, he added that many pastors have turned church ministry to a profession with the objective of making money.

He continued: “It is pitiable that many pastors are on the payroll of many politicians, “saying that this has made it impossible for such clerics to speak the truth to their paymasters.

He added: “The church should be in the era of seeing criminals genuinely converted and not when people are chasing miracles.

“In the time of the early church, Apostle Paul, through his powerful ministry, made impact in such a way that people  brought their occult books and got born again; but today, many pastors consult occult books to enable them do miracles.”

“We have shifted from the true gospel to a ‘money gospel’ where pastors now brag of building large auditoriums and do not care about the poor and the needy in their midst. Those that give out money do so as a showoff, putting it on air for the world to see,” he averred.

According to him, it was necessary for the pastors in Nigeria to go and read a book titled: God’s Generals written by Robert Liardon, so they can all see where they have missed it and immediately turn back to avert the wrath of God.


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