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2020 IYC Election: ljaw Group Calls For Bekeowei Replacement




Says He Lacks Experience, Competence To Conduct Credible Election
By Francis Taylor

An ljaw interest group under the auspices of Concerned Citizens For Izon-ebe Development (CCFID) has called for the immediate replacement of the 2020 IYC election ELECO Chairman, Barr. Bekeowei Ajuwa on the ground that he lacks the experience and competency to conduct a free, fair and credible election.

The group noted that Mr. Bekeowei is strange to the activities of ljaw youth council, stressing that he lacks the experience and capacity to address issues amicably, as well as to protect ljaw interest as regards to the election.

In a communique issued on Sunday at Warri after an emergency meeting, the group said Bekeowei has compromised his integrity to some powers in order to truncate the sacrifices and progresses made so far by some patriotic ljaw youth leaders to unite Council.

According to the group President, Comrade Oyinbi Onduku said: “l want to first appreciate Barr. Oweilaemi Pereotubo, Barr. Eric Omare and other notable ljaw leaders for their sacrifices to harmonize and resolve lYC factional crisis.

The current ELECO Chairman and the Committee members are expected to widely consult past leaders of Council in order to know the modus operandi of the system before fixing election date.”

“It is outright disgrace that, two days to election, Bekeowei led ELECO Committee could not resolve delegate issues despite raises of alarm by aggrieved persons from various clans.

“The same Ajuwa refused to make public the authentic delegate list for aspirants in order to save them from unnecessary spending, as well as to identify with the authentic delegates before the eve to the election.

“As a result of that, many aspirants where defrauded of their scarce resources by fraudulent persons in the name of claiming lYC delegate.”

Onduku reiterated that a competent ELECO Chairman is expected to source for fund and put every logistics in place before the eve to the election, but unfortunately the reverse is the case for Bekeowei Ajuwa.

“In the area of media coverage, Bekeowei engages foreign media houses to cover the forthcoming election, but deliberately sidelined ljaw media organizations of their right to cover their own election,” he added.

Finally, Onduku said lt is obvious that Ajuwa is unpatriotic and strange to the happenings in ljaw Nation.

He noted that if Ajuwa cannot feel the positive impacts made so far by the ljaw media organizations to the ljaw course over the years, meaning he is sleeping and not conversant with ljaw matters for a very long time.

“Therefore, it signifies that, Bekeowei is alien to the ljaw course, hence his immediate replacement is necessary since he cannot protect ljaw interest in the forthcoming IYC election, Comr. Onduku stated.”


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