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BREAKING: NDDC MD Faints During Grilling By House Committee On Niger Delta



One of Pondei's aides attending to him after he fainted during the investigative hearing of NDDC by the House Committee on the Niger Delta today.

The Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Professor Daniel Pondei, fainted when he was questioned by the House of Representatives Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission.

He fainted while he was being asked about the spending of the commission since he took over.

He was resuscitated at first and then again showed some signs that he was passing out for the second time.

The said probe had lasted for over an hour before the incidence occured.

Pondei was immediately rushed out to get medical attention, as the Committee took a 30 minutes break to reconvene at 1.35p.m. later today.

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