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Nigerian Army Loses At Least 8 Men, As Islamic State Terrorists Launch Attack



At least 8 Nigerian soldiers are alleged to have been killed when their convoy was ambushed by Islamic State of West Africa Terrorists on Monday.

Attack on the convoy took place near Kumulla village, about 40 kilometres from Maiduguri.

According to several military sources who said they were not authorised to disclose such information, only one truck escaped from the convoy as the terrorists pinned the soldiers down from all sides, blocking them from taking action.

The Islamic State later released several photos allegedly from the attack.

In a separate incident, two Nigerian soldiers were killed when troops on patrol engaged elements of Islamic State Terrorists at Kolore village.

50 kilometres away in Maiduguri, Boko Haram terrorists attacked the 333 artillery barracks, killing several civilians in the process.

(The Herald)


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