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Ughelli: Explosive Device Detonated By Assailants Kills Urhobo Youth Leader



Comrade Efemena.Umukoro, National President, Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Youthwing, Worldwide (r) discussing with a youth from Agadama Community.

UPU Youth Wing President Visits Scene
…Promises To Take Care Of Hospital Bills Of Those Injured

After the murder of not less than 10 souls in Uhweru community, Ughelli North of Delta state, a youth leader in Agadama community, Mr. Sunday Oniovogoma, has been murdered.

The President, Urhobo Progress Union, Youth Wing, Comrade Efemena Umukoro who was at the scene of the incidence disclosed that the death followed an improvised explosive device (IED) which was thrown into his apartment by unknown assailants through the window while he and some of his friends and colleagues were discussing.

Comrade Efemena Umukoro signs the condolence register.

Comrade Efemena Umukoro signs the condolence register.

According to the youth leader, Oniovogoma’s colleagues ran to different directions with various degrees of injuries, but rather than running like his friends, he went inside to observe the device and then and there the device exploded and blew him up.

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The explosion which rocked the entire compound, killed him, destroyed portions of his house and the damages were much.

Comrade Umukoro added: “I visited the Agadama community and saw the damages to his house. You will remember it was in this community that 10 souls were killed by Fulani herdsmen not quite long ago. It was my representative in the community that brought the information to me.

“I’ve visited the Area Police Command and also opened a condolence register in his compound. I will be meeting with the family on Tuesday, August 18 to plan for the burial ceremony.”

Continuing, he said that the police has sent their investigative team to the community to carry out their investigations.

“I spoke with eyewitnesses and they told me the explosive device was thrown into his apartment through the window. He refused to run when others were running. During the Fulani herdsmen onslaught against the community, he refused to run also.

“He told me that if he should run, what becomes of the community women. That was then. Those injured while running from the device are presently in a private hospital receiving treatment. UPU youth wing will take care of their bills,” he stated.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Onome Onovwakpoyeya, confirmed the development.

She told this medium on phone that an explosive device was reportedly thrown in the apartment, adding that investigation is ongoing to unravel the source of the device and the culprits.


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