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Big Win For Trump After Senate Plans To Challenge Validity Of College Votes



The political temperatures in the United States are still high even a month after the election winner was declared.

The declaration of former vice president Joe Biden as winner was not accepted by the President and he even took it further to the extent of filling a law suit.

Recently, the Joe Biden’s victory was upheld even after confirmation with the college votes. Things however seem to be taking a different turn and it will not be easy for Joe to enter the office of the President as many may think.

Some members of the Senate have also decided to challenge the validity of the college votes.

Taylor Greene a senator from Georgia who is also a republican, is in the forefront to challenge the college votes. Although the senator did not disclose the real senators that will back her up, she seems to have a good backup from other republican senators.

Taylor Greene said that they will file an objection in the forthcoming joint session of the Congress.

According to the constitution of the United States, the process only requires two people and that includes one senator and one house representative.

If an objection is filed against the states in which Joe Biden won the election, each chamber will have to hold a debate for 2 hours on whether to disqualify the votes or not. That definitely will put Joe Biden’s victory in Limbo.

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After the debate, then a Vote will have to be held in each chamber and this is meant to decide whether or not the votes will have to be thrown out. If the votes are thrown out, then that will definitely not be a good thing for Joe Biden.

According to sources, some Senators from Arizona, Georgia, Texas have vowed to be part of the objection that will see Trump run his remaining term.

This seems to make it even harder for Joe Biden and his journey to state house is not going to just be a walk in the park.

Now the matter is still in the hands of the Supreme Court who will have to make the final decision.


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