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Ubulu Uku Alleged Slap Saga: My Stand On This



Amechi Mrakpor

I have always believed that the purpose of this platform is to give a voice to the voiceless in Anioma. For 9 years, this is exactly what we have strived to maintain, knowing our people very well and of course, how much our leaders have used what they have to suppress the people.

Since this UBULU UKU slap saga news broke out, I have read of different accounts from different platforms and also have had my men to go get different views pertaining to the case. This we have done well enough, thereby leading us and others to dig deeper into the scandal.

As at this moment, I have received a voice note from one of our undercover reporters and having listened to it, I can rightly say that there was an altercation. I also could hear the cry and noise. In the midst of it all, I still heard a lady’s voice as she screams, ” Jude ,you slapped Mama.” This line is where I am interested in. It means a lot to those of us who are from Anioma. We were raised by our parents to respect and honour our old ones and not to despise them.

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Though, I have not seen any video evidence as to what truly happened and the nature it took, apart from the video interview of the woman shared by Leap TV, as a person with conscience, I have come this morning to give my view on the scandal.

While I cannot tell if the voice note was doctored (I doubt), I want to make my stand based on the forensic study of this voice note by some professionals here in the UK.

The truth is that, there was an oppression. There was an invasion. There was a confusion, there was a misconduct but in all these, one naked fact is that Hon Amechi MRAKPOR aka Ada Anioma was obviously not the one that did the alleged slapping as some media platforms alleged.

The voice note was clear and I could hear the name Jude and not Ada Anioma. On this note, I exonerate Ada Anioma but not so for the said Mr or Pastor Jude, unless he proves with all convictions that the voice note was “Fake”. Until then, I hold him responsible for that irresponsible act.

Based on this, I stand this morning to say that it is wrong for Pastor Jude Ugbah to have slapped the old woman as alleged. I condemn it in totality.It is wrong. It is abominable and it is condemnable and an extreme misuse of authority.

Again, going by the evidence from the voice note, I will add that if truly there is any atom of genuine conscience in Gov Okowa to prove himself as a genuine Christian as he has always portrayed and also as the leader of the PDP and Delta state, he should stand up in his honour and order for the investigation and possible prosecution of the said Mr Jude Ugbah as well as have the PDP to withdraw the chairmanship ticket offered to him on a plate of porridge.

As we say in Anioma, what is good for Olu and Onojie should also be good for Obi. We were all witnesses to how the governor acted like a man in the case of Chief Friday Eluro who was shown in similar case to have assaulted, humiliated and dishonoured an old woman sometime in 2019 somewhere in Boji Boji Owa. As an SA to the Governor, we all commended the man in Gov Okowa as he acted bravely by sacking him and giving the police the go ahead to investigate and possibly prosecute him. Same treatment is what equity and fairness is all about in the present case. That Pastor Jude is the brother to the Governor’s right hand person should not be enough for the honest man in the governor to die in silence over this irresponsible act ,if proven that he did humiliate the old woman in her home.

Like all other Deltans, I patiently await the man in Governor Okowa to rise to action as it did in the case of Chief Friday Eluro and prove to Deltans that he is not a weakling to anybody.

The only acceptable and condoneable decision by the state govt and the PDP is to condemn this irresponsible behaviour by withdrawing the chairmanship ticket offered to this young man.

I am not a Saint but even in my sins, I cannot stand with my bruised conscience in my hand and say that Mr Jude Ugbah had done well by slapping an old Anioma woman in her home as being alleged and evidenced in the voice note.

What is bad is bad and Akamesike CANNOT support this madness by a young man who is aspiring to be a leader of a people.


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