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Congress: APC Is Stable, Coercive, A Party To Beat In 2023- Adamawa Party Bigwig Stresses



An All Progressives Congress (APC) party bigwig, Alhaji Umar Duhu has reiterated his confidence in the stability of the party to form another government in 2023.

Umar, Adamawa party bigwig having been the North East pioneer National Vice Chairman said the coerciveness of the party which is about to hold its Congress is geared toward forming the next government.

He revealed that one of the reasons the Party at the National level has been shifting its congress is to give the high ranked politicians decamping into the party the opportunity to contribute in the congress process that will give birth to party Excos.

“As far as I’m concerned, APC is stable, APC is a party to beat, APC is one party that is resolute and coercive towards participating in the 2023 elections, hopefully and God on our side, no doubt about it we are going to make it and form the next government.” Duhu said

He also said that the APC in Adamawa state will collect back her stolen mandate as all relevant stakeholders are united, are one in making sure that the factors, reasons that brought PDP into power is being removed in the interest of APC.

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Umar believes that the party will have a rancour free congresses but drew the attention of all members who are intending to aspire for one particular position or the order to know that God is the giver of power, participating in Congresses exercise does not give one a clear ticket to win an election.

He however said the party is going to measure up strength on stakeholders organising a caucus meeting from unit, ward to state level to bring on board those that will serve the interest of the party.

According to Duhu, the party will still consider those who served well to retain them during the congress and ease out those that betrayed the party or are not working in the interest of the party.

“Is not going to be a do or die affair, it is just going to be a very simple issue, if there is something against you, or discovered beyond reasonable doubt you worked against the party in 2019 and after, the party in a round table discussion will give you the opportunity to defend yourself. But we will not have any option if party’s officials at state level are serving the party well to return them to continue their good work for the party. The party is after a congress that will give birth to credible party officials who will work in the interest of the party come 2023,” he said.

He continued to say that the quantum of people coming into APC shows the party is definitely going to form the next federal and the next Adamawa government.

“I have already convinced you beyond reasonable doubt that APC is going to form the next Adamawa government because every person that worked against the interest of the party in the state are regretting their actions, they are now back, resolute to work in the interest of the party.”


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