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Obaseki”s Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, A Misplaced Priority, Illegal, Inhumane, Ungodly —Group



By Daniel Dafe

The leadership and members of Freedom Ambassadors Organization, a revolutionary civil rights movement in Nigeria based in Edo State, has described the position of Governor Godwin Obsaseki-led government on the proposed enforcement of compulsory Covid-19 vaccination in the state and restriction of unvaccinated citizens as a misplaced priority, illegal, unglamorous, inhumane, ungodly and an infringement on fundamental right to dignity of human person, religion, conscience and movement.”

This was contained in a communique signed by Comrade Curtis Ogbebor,
National coordinator, issued on Saturday after a meeting of the group.

The group added that “the emergence of the controversial Corona virus hitherto referred to as Covid-19 is still a mystery yet to be unravelled to the world and the said remedial vaccines being experimentally produced is still undergoing clinical trials by those who produced the virus hence cannot be forced on Edo citizens when Edo State and perhaps Nigeria Government could not set up any laboratory to examine the said virus, produce vaccines nor subject the ones produced in the western world to scientific scrutiny to ensure it will not have effects on our citizens.”

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The group continued: “The virus is purported to have broke out in Wuhan, China and since it emergence have had variance adverse effects on people all over the world and leaders of countries had developed strategies to mitigate it’s effects on their citizens except Nigeria Government. America, United kingdom, Australia, et cetera pays their citizens allowances, cut taxes.

“Vaccination all over the world is optional due to individual belief, religion, state of health, et cetera. The world health organisation WHO and other international organisations had in different fora advised, encourage vaccination to prevent contacting, effect, spreading the virus but did not advise compulsory vaccination even in most affected countries.”

Furthermore, Freedom Ambassadors Organization said “the purported compulsory Covid-19 vaccination of Edo citizens, restrictions of unvaccinated citizens from accessing public places amount to gross violation of the rights of citizens as entrenched in chapter four(4) of 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended. The quarantine act did not provide for vaccination nor enable the Nigeria Government to coarse citizens against their beliefs, religion, et cetera and if otherwise provided for, the Nigeria constitution is supreme to any other law in Nigeria and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of Nigeria constitution, the Nigeria constitution shall prevail and the other law with the extent of it’s inconsistency be void.”

According to the communique, “the worsening insecurity in Edo state has adversely affected the economic growth of the state thereby subjecting citizens to untold hardship. Citizens are being robbed, kidnapped, raped and killed on daily basis in some identified red alert spots such as, Benin-Auchi road, Benin-Abraka road and other parts of the state. The state Governor as the Chief Executive/Security Officer of the state owes it a duty to protect lives and property in Edo state but has been reluctant in tackling the menace. Thousands of ingenious vigilante volunteers are ready to risk their lives to defend our land, protect lives and properties. Edo state Government should provide funds and other logistics, mobilize them to cumb all suspected criminal hideouts.”

While the group said they are not against covid-19 vaccines and vaccination, they urged the governor to make it optional, just as they called on him to immediately withdraw the purported compulsory covid-19 vaccination statement, stop all enforcement plans and encourage unvaccinated persons to use nose masks in public places.

“Failure to do so, we shall use every possible actions within the law to resist, defend the rights of Nigerian citizens,” the group added.


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