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Hon. Smart Asekutu Advocates For Social Justice, Inter-Ethnic Harmony And Inclusiveness



…Encourages Robust Engagement Of Political Aspirants With Civil Society

The Civil Society Network for Citizens’ Engagement, Credible Elections and Good Governance (CSNCE2GG) led by Activist Rex Emojite Anighoro has visited and engaged with Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu the Warri North Local Government Area Council Chairman, who also is a Warri Federal Constituency House of Representatives aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

At the visit, the Civil Society Network speaking through its Convener, Activist Rex Anighoro hailed the strong efforts of the Council Chairman in advancing the provision of Water and Primary Health Care within one year in office. He also praised him for improving sanitation, renovating the Local Government Council Secretariat, maintaining relative peace and inter-thnic Harmony in Warri North Local Government Area.

Activist Rex Anighoro stated that the LGA Chairman’s ongoing engagement and empowerment programme  for the youths and the women in the Local Government was also very commendable, as well as his efforts in enhancing riverine transportation through the provision of speedboats.

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Speaking further, Activist Rex Anighoro, requested to know from the award winning Local Government Council Chairman, the first ever Ijaw to become the Local Government Council Chairman in Warri North, why he has decided to run for the Warri Federal Constituency, House of Representatives position and what antecedents make him an outstanding candidate.

Responding, Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu thanked the Civil Society Network for coming to engage with him and for showing solidarity with him as he aspires to run for the Warri Federal Constituency House of Representatives position. He stated that the need to give the people of Warri Federal Constituency a more robust representation  and to strengthen the pursuit of social justice, inter-ethnic harmony and inclusivity are part of his motivation.

He stated that within one year of being in office as a Local Government Council Chairman, he has distinguished himself by bringing governance closer to the people, by giving a greater sense of belonging and inclusion to all persons in Warri North Local Government Council regardless of ethnic group they belong to. The Honourable Chairman stated that he is determined to make the oil rich Federal Constituency of Warri a national and global pride and to advance it’s place as the centre of ethnic harmony and inclusion in Nigeria.

Continuing, he said that the mutual agreement by the Ijaws not to contest for the Delta South Senatorial district position to allow for an Itsekiri person to emerge was laudable, and he also feels that it will be reciprocal for the Itsekiris to allow the Ijaws to have a shot at the green chamber, representing Warri Federal Constituency for the first time in promotion of ethnic harmony.

Adding that as the first Ijaw person to become a Local Government Council Chairman in Warri North Local Government Area, he has shown to all and sundry that he is a performer and  social justice crusader who believes in inclusivity and who does not discriminate.

Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu called on the Civil Society to remain steadfast as the voice of the people, promote social justice and speak truth to power always without compromise.

Speaking on behalf of the Civil Society delegation, Deacon Okezi Odugala, Executive Director, Eziodu Initiative for Sustainable Environmental Development (EISED) posited that the Civil Society will always be fair to all the aspirants regardless of political party affiliation, ethnic group or religious and ideological leaning. He stated that the Civil Society is determined to hear from all the aspirants and engage with them without bias. He also made it known that the issue of ethnic harmony and inclusivity is a very significant issue and that the Civil Society will independently evaluate the issues and take a position for the good of the citizens.

On her part Amb. Augusta Impact Keneboh, Executive Director, Afro Centre for Development Peace and Justice hailed the Local Government Council Chairman, Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu for localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), she affirmed that Water, Sanitation and Rural Health Care expecially in the Riverine communities means so much to advocates of development like her and that she will work to see that greater recognition is accorded the developmental strides of the Local Government Council Chairman who is aspiring to higher office.

Concluding, Activist Rex Emojite Anighoro assured Hon. Smart Yomi Asekutu whom he referred to as a Civil Society Activist, of his goodwill and support.


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