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Ivwurie To Okowa: Your Machiavellian Govt Doesn’t Care About Deltans



Ivwurie To Okowa: Your Machiavellian Govt Doesn't Care About Deltans

By Daniel Dafe

Former Member representing Ethiope East Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Chief Evance Ochuko Ivwurie, has said that “the welfare, security of life and property of Deltans has never been the primary pre-occupation” of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

Describing Okowa’s administration as a Machiavellian government, Ivwurie, added: “The fact that your government could shamelessly come out to deny and disown the suffering pensioners of Delta State abandoned by you over the years, tells the height of wickedness and satanic deceit of your administration.”

Recall that the Commissioner of Information in the state, Charles Aniagwu, had said that the protesting retirees are not pensioners of the state, adding that they were led by an APC member.

The former lawmaker, who wrote a rejoinder titled: ‘Okowa, you should be Clever but not Dishonest,’said that the attack on his personality through the Commissioner for Information not only confirms how much he has derailed, but also shows his intolerance to constructive criticism by well meaning Deltans.

He continued: “Let it be on record that no matter how many “attack dogs and assailants” you send after me, I can never be your bootlicker and I will not renege on my civic responsibility for constructive criticism. Unlike you, I am generally well known for my virtues of love, joy, goodwill, warmth, magnanimity and contentment. But if you say I am bitter and have hatred just because I lost my reelection it will only go to confirm how insidious you have always been.

“How many times did Mr. Ademola Adeleke and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar lose elections and how bitter and hateful are they in your hypocritical delusion? How many times did your “undocumented illiterate” candidate lost both primary and general elections before he was elected? I did not lose election, you betrayed me. You know from the depth of your heartless heart that you are the one who is always forever bitter, unforgiving and filled with hatred and evil, in fact your greatest virtue is HATRED, BITTERNESS and BETRAYAL of all those who God used to lift you up, including Pa Francis Iwerebor of blessed memory and HE. Chief James Ibori.”

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Hon Ivwurie wrote further: “As a Lawmaker I was more effective and efficient than you Okowa as governor. You run away from the big issues that concern the life and property of Deltans. My records of performance and legacies speak for itself. I believe you rarely look at yourself and your government in the mirror. I relentlessly and courageously fought FOUR BIG ISSUES and critical battles (that you don’t have nerves, courage and passion for) head-on and my championing these big issues brought legitimacy, relevance and life to your ill-fated administration;
1. I championed and fought the menace of Fulani herdsmen who were raping our women, maiming and killing our people on a daily basis to standstill and you never supported me, rather you were heartlessly careless about their atrocities.
2. I championed the fight against PRESCO plc forceful take over| stealing of Ethiope East LGA community lands from Ovre Okpara-Water Side through Ovre Igun, Ovre Eku to Ovre Abraka and you never supported me, rather you were happy about it all and you connived with them.
3. I championed the fight against contractors who abandoned critical infrastructure projects and you turn deaf ears after splitting payments with them.
4. You and your cohorts ganged up against my reelection because, as House Committee Chairman on Works, I was too bold and courageous to eject the contractor handling Asaba International Airport that paved the way for the eventual completion of the Airport after several years only for you to push me away because of your vested interest in the sale of airport.”

According to the Chief Ivwurie, Okowa’s greatest legacy is that he “ran a very bad, ineffective and inefficient government that deteriorated public infrastructure, morals and inflicted the worst of suffering, poverty and misery which Deltans have had to endure.”

“The most perilous and dangerous moment of your bad government is your infliction of a long spell of oppression, suffering and hardship on the generality of Deltans especially the pensioners that you have openly denied and abandoned instead of improving their lot. Your bad and wicked government is more feared by Deltans than Boko Haram today.

“I cannot blame our political leader and mentor HE. James Ibori an extraordinary leader, truster and forgiver for standing behind you Okowa like the northern star against the genuine analytical advisory of HE. Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, the man who saw tomorrow and thoroughly knew you as the ‘evil genius’.

“Okowa, you are owing both the living and the dead retirees,” he added.


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