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APC Campaign Council Says Peter Obi Inferior To Tinubu No Need Comparing The Two



APC Campaign Council Says Peter Obi Inferior To Tinubu No Need Comparing The Two

The Bola Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council says Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi is inferior to the APC presidential standard bearer, Mr Tinubu

Dele Alake, the APC campaign council’s director of strategy and communication, noted that the driving force of Mr Obi’s popularity on social media would hardly result in electoral victory at the 2023 general elections.

“The population of the social media warriors will not necessarily translate into votes, especially among rural dwellers. Whoever is basing Obi’s popularity on social media has missed it,” said Mr Alake.

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The APC campaign council would deal with the Obi phenomenon when the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) authorised the beginning of the 2023 presidential election campaign at the end of September.

He further noted that there was no basis for comparing Messrs Tinubu and Obi. Many of Mr Obi’s social media supporters were in the politicking for entertainment and not because they were committed, Mr Alake claimed.

“If you put all the antecedents of the candidates on a table, Obi will trail far behind the others. There is no basis for comparison between Obi and Tinubu,” said the former information commissioner in Lagos. “The difference is clear. It’s like that between the fluke and the substance.”

He also stated that Mr Tinubu was not concerned about the “cash and carry or container economy.”

“There is no gainsaying the fact of all the candidates competing for votes to solve these problems, Tinubu stands far ahead of the competitors,” he noted. “In terms of track record of performance as a governor, in terms of leadership, social engineering, and mental development, Tinubu is an embodiment of all the leadership qualities for a country eager to develop.”

According to him, Mr Tinubu, a former Lagos governor, left records yet to be beaten and built the Lekki Free Trade Zone and a new city – the Atlantic City out of the Atlantic Ocean.

“While the then federal government was sand-filling the ocean, literally pouring sand worth billions of naira into the ocean. Tinubu conceived a permanent and enduring solution,” Mr Alake stressed.

“We travelled to South Africa. We went to the Netherlands and found a solution that today led to the Atlantic City,” he added.


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