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The Character Of The People’s Senator That Delta Central Wants In 2023



The Character Of The People’s Senator That Delta Central Wants In 2023

By Onoriode Esievoatokpota

Over the years, just a section of the ruling class, those regular faces in our political space, have exploited the people’s democratic efforts and controlled their political thoughts and dreams. A couple of years ago when Chief Ighoyota Amori declared in 2006 that whatever a PDP member does is right to the delight of his enthusiastic hearers, nobody ever knew a time like this will come when his likes would be made to face the rigours of campaigning vigorously for votes because the era of crude allocation of votes has been eclipsed. What they were fond of doing in those days was to ensure results were written in favour of PDP candidates and the opposition asked with impunity to go to court.

In those days, the PDP clique distorted the intellectual and academic profile of many, exploited their spiritual values, orientate them towards a PDP superiority mindset and systematically disseminate an unprogressive and reactionary knowledge in all spheres of their intellectual and democratic adventure. Praise-mongering and sloganeering as well as uninhibited cheering of the leader, who was throwing a shameless tantrums on the dictum of democratic consciousness, was the way to go for political survival.

It was obvious that most of the noisemakers in the Nigeria political scene were lacking in progressive thought and orientation, as they were immensely steeped in the endless fractionalization of the followers into meaningless groups, characteristic of the elitist or bourgeoisie and peasant classes, while also doing virtually everything possible to see that a healthy, people-oriented and collectively shared democratic culture does not exist among the people. It was the reign of the fiends and that was about the only legacy they foisted on the political consciousness of the people.

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But all that seemed to have changed Ighoyota Amori that dictated the pace of politics in Delta State at the peak of his political career was the same man that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege kicked out of the National Assembly in late 2015. By 2018, a woman floored him in the race to the PDP ticket for senate. He is back once again to take another hard lesson on the altar of democracy because the revolutionary attributes of the people, whom he has harassed over the years with his anti-democratic escapades, would be coming to take their pound of flesh, yet again. But the truth remains that Chief Ighoyota Amori lacks the qualities of a senator in a true democracy. Like Onajite Agbama stated in an earlier piece, the Kingmaker is aiming at the elusive crown and he would be defeated yet again, because he is walking in a terrain not meant for his type.

A senator is a man who thinks deeply before acting, not acting before thinking. The characteristics that define a true senator are his calm spirit, his commitment to details and administrative and professional dignity. Senators in the developed world are men of class and character who distinguished themselves in certain careers before venturing into politics. Chief Ede Dafinone is the man with the character and magnificent dignity that could stand him out amongst his peers in the National Assembly.

Ede Dafinone cuts the picture of the likes of Barrack Obama in appearance, discipline, calmness and professional sobriety. His simplicity is sublime and inspiring. He is polished and speaks the language of grace and unassuming elegance. Ede is a fine gentleman whom Urhobo cannot afford to miss in the senate in the next dispensation. The embarrassing arrogant display of crude politics that defines the moral compass of Amori’s personality should not be given national visibility through such a National Assignment as the senate seat for Delta Central. Urhobo is in need of men of honour and refined simplicity like Ede Dafinone just as Revd Francis Waive of the House of Representatives is. We had had enough of leaders whose only defining character is the wealth they amass for themselves and not the quality of service for the people.

The character we need in a senator is that of a man who will not trade Urhobo off for a morsel of a meal. We have found the right character in Okakuro Ede Dafinone who is a man of quality in attainment, disposition and content of character. His life is a story of commitment, dedication, devotion, determination, of tenacity, and a profile of selfless service and genuine patriotism.  A man of tremendous goodwill and unwavering integrity, Ede Dafinone stands for progressive politics and the collective interests and aspirations of the people will take precedence. He is committed to the business of reinventing Urhobo into a redemptive mission of building a greater national image. He will work extremely hard and makes deft moves to strategically network with significant political players of other ethnic groups that make up the larger Delta State and Nigeria for the full realization of the hopes and aspirations of the people. Ede Dafinone has the appropriate character of the senator deserving of our votes come 2023.

Onoriode Esievoatokpota wrote from Agbarha-Otor, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.


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