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Why I Leave My Cheque In The Possession Of My Wife — Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals



Why I Leave My Cheque In The Possession Of My Wife — Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre spoke on “The Character Of Love” at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, 1st Service.

While talking about what Love is all about, he said that love is never self-centred, egocentric and self-opinionated.

He then sent an important message to parents in the church.

Speaking to the men, he said, “The children know that you’re a heartless brutal man and you’re there running up and down and calling yourself a worker. There are people whose children will never serve God because they saw how their father was pretending to be serving God. They saw how their parents were pretending just to go to Church. They come home and are doing all manner of things, and the children will make up their minds, I can’t go to my parent’s Church, I have to look for my own and they live their own lives. It doesn’t happen by accident.”

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Speaking further, he said, “You have money to look after yourself, some will eat pepper soup outside, they’ll go to a joint and eat their favourite meal, the children are looking for food at home and he’s growing pot belly, please I’m sorry if you have balance brought forward (pot belly). I’m not trying to insult anybody, because there are some people it’s follow come, it’s not about too much food, it’s just follow come. How can food have a taste in your mouth and your wife has not eaten, your children have not eaten, your mother in the village is suffering and you’re eating anyhow? How? What kind of heart is that? If my children don’t have and my wife doesn’t have, it means there is not one naira in my account and that day will never come.”

He then revealed why he leaves his cheque in the possession of his wife.

He said, “For a start, I don’t have a cheque of mine in my possession, that’s my personal decision, it’s in my wife’s possession but she can’t sign it, she needs my signature. So, in case you say is that not a risk? She can’t sign it and of course, she is trusted. Now, that cannot apply to every wife, I think it is good to balance it, because there are some wives, if you try that you’ve ended yourself, he will join heads with his brothers and say my husband is a rich man o, he may find another woman later, let’s empty his money now.”

Finally, he advised them, “So, that no woman will harass any man at home, can you give me all your cheques? Tell the woman, didn’t you hear what the pastor said, let me prove you first.”


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