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LP Chieftains, Ezeagwu, Kanma, Others Predict Massive Win For Party Candidates In Delta



LP Chieftains, Ezeagwu, Kanma, Others Predict Massive Win For Party Candidates In Delta

Chairman of Labour Party in Delta, Anthony Ezeagwu, Delta North Senatorial candidate, Barrister Ken Kanma and Utomi Nwanne, House of Reps candidate for Ika federal constituency have said that the groundswell of support for the party in the state is an indication that the party will take over the state in the 2023 general elections.

The trio spoke on Sunday at the unveiling of Utomi Nwanne, the House of Representatives candidate for Ika federal constituency at Agbor, headquarters of Ika South local government area of Delta state. The party stalwarts believe that with the hardship imposed on Nigerians and Deltans by the two ruling parties and the massive support the party is enjoying in the entire nation, Delta state will be taking over by the party.

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The state party chairman, Ezeagwu, told the crowd which gathered at Agbor that Labour Party has come to liberate Nigerians from the shackles of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He told the party faithful that there is no other party that has vision for Nigeria except the Labour Party.

As at present, he said there are only two parties in Nigeria, the Labour Party and others. He told the people that the Obidient movement is not for Peter Obi but for the people of Nigeria, noting that it is the people that must stand to liberate the country and not Peter Obi, the party’s presidential candidate.

He reasoned that for the stealing of Nigeria’s wealth to end and entrench a system of good governance, Nigerians must vote for Labour Party so that the good things in this nation will be enjoyed by the people of the country. He called on all members of the party to contribute in whatever way they could to rescue Nigeria from the jaws of those who see Nigeria as their personal property.

Ezeagwu said: “What is going on now has gone beyond Peter Obi and Labour Party. It is a movement. Members of other parties are secretly whispering to us that they will vote for Labour Party in the next year general elections. For the dream of a new Nigeria to be actualized, we must all join hands together to make it happen.

“We don’t want Peter Obi to borrow money and after he will be begin to find ways of paying back. The day Obi is announced as winner of the presidential election, Nigeria will change, a massive change will reverberate across Nigeria. Foreign countries will begin to respect Nigeria because they know that Nigerians have taken the bull by the horn.”

Barrister Ken Kanma, the Delta North senatorial candidate of the party, also said with the massive support the party is enjoying across the nation, those who had earlier said that the party had no structure would have to change their minds as the massive support has knocked off their initial pessimism over the Labour Party movement.

He said everybody is now seeing the structure springing up everywhere across Nigeria, a development which indicates that Nigerians have moved away from the old order to a new Nigeria. He told the people of Ika that they have made a good choice in selecting Utomi Nwanne to run for the House of Representatives, saying he is a visionary who will employ his vast knowledge to contribute to the development of Ika nation.

Nwanne Utomi, who is contesting to represent Ika federal constituency in the National Assembly, said he has outlined 7-point agenda for Ika nation, insisting that all the wrongs in Ika nation would be corrected for the good of the people.

He touched education, health, market, infrastructure, electricity, agriculture, ICT and other sectors where if voted into office by the people of the federal constituency he would champion for the good of Ika people.

Utomi, who said for all the 25 years he has lived in the United States, he had not seen a grain of sand, said Nigerian leaders are impoverishing the people of the country. For him, there is no reason for Nigerians not to enjoy the good things of life as the people in the developed world but the corrupt leaders in the country would not allow these things to happen.

He said he would propose bills that would enhance people’s living conditions and make life beautiful for all Ika people. Hence, he said for all these to be actualized, the Ika nation must change their voting pattern and see the Labour Party as the alternative to a new Nigeria which is the present desire of all.


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