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2023: Reject APC And Its Leadership Of Crabs And Grabbing Mentality



2023: Reject APC And Its Leadership Of Crabs And Grabbing Mentality

By Sylvester Imonina

As the 2023 general elections beckon, Nigerians and people of goodwill should come together and make sure that the APC and its leadership does not have access to power again. This clarion call becomes necessary because APC is a Party that is made up of strange bedfellows whose political and economic interests are antithetical to the development of Delta State in particular and Nigeria in general.

The struggle for power, “grab-grab” and if “it is not me, it cannot be another person’s mentality” of APC leaders is what has brought Nigeria on her knees today! APC Leaders are like a bird, commonly called “Ukenu” amongst the Isokos of Delta State. The bird, Ukenu does not have the ability to hear what is happening in its environment. When there is danger lurking around its environment, except the danger is coming from the front, Ukenu will fall prey to the danger when it approaches Ukenu from the back!

The above analogy properly fits the APC Leaders. They do not hear the hue and cry of the majority of their followers, and Nigerians who are living in abject poverty! They have “ukenized” themselves to the extent that they care less about their environment (Nigeria).

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To show their dangerous and embarrassing level of wickedness, they use their political parrots and emissaries of confusion who have sold their souls to mammon to defend the indefensible; even in the face of a threat to peace and existence of Nigerians!

Because of greed, and in negation of the general interest of the Niger Delta, APC leadership created recipes for failure by not constituting the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) for the development of the Niger Delta area for almost three years of the APC-led Federal Government. That NDDC was in limbo for that number of years was instigated by APC power mongers and kleptomaniacs from the Niger Delta States whose common interest is feasting on the common patrimony of oil-bearing communities. Today, the common man from Niger Delta is the greatest loser!

In Delta State, some good appointments and projects that could have accrued to Delta State from the Federal Government were scuttled because of the spirit of unforgiveness, myopicness, and Incubus that possessed them. As of today, that deep-seated hatred amongst them is still being fueled to deprive Deltans dividends of democracy from the Federal level. What a people?

At the National level, APC has turned Nigeria into the Headquarters of poverty, insecurity, and joblessness. One of the resultant effects is “japaism” (ambition to travel abroad for menial jobs) by our youths who do not have confidence in our dear Nation, Nigeria! APC leadership takes joy in working at cross purposes against the interest of the majority of Nigerians.

When the halpless President of Nigeria gives orders that have seeming good or interest of ordinary Nigerians, the power mongers and kleptomaniacs in the APC-led Government kills it at embryonic stage!

While the majority of Nigerians applaud the change of currency and cash withdrawal limit policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), APC as a Party is vehemently opposed to it because of the Trillions of Naira (cash in their hands) that is in possession of its leadership that they intended using to buy the conscience of Nigerians during the 2023 elections. APC and its emissaries of rifts, manufacturers of extreme poverty, and creators of joblessness shall surely fail.

Nigeria cannot continue to be mocked in the international arena because of APC’s devilish, “movoriole”, crab mentality and clueless leadership. Nigerians should wake up from their slumber, and let us reset Nigeria for the good of all and generations yet unborn.

Sylvester Imonina,
writes from Oruamudhu Community, Ozoro Kingdom, Delta State.


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