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Delta 2023: Why The Announced PDP Victory Will Not Stand




Nigeria just concluded the most controversial election in her history. The nation is in shock as the thinking was that the introduction of technology would cure some of the weaknesses in our electoral system. The unfortunate experience was that criminal-minded politicians still found a way to abuse the introduced technology – BVAS – to achieve their obnoxious aims.

There was no place this was so blatantly and rudely in display than Delta, a state where the sitting governor, out of desperation, threw caution to the winds, shamelessly harassing, bribing and intimidating the electorate to vote for his party, PDP, using all known state machinery.

When Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan’s election as governor of Delta State was annulled in 2010 and a rerun election ordered by the court, it came as an unexpected and disruptive shock which deeply upset the PDP applecart in the state at the time. The ensuing rerun was the closest Great Ogboru, the instigator of the disruption, got to winning the governorship election in Delta State, aided by Chief E.K Clark and PDP Elders And Stakeholders Forum.

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The revealed electoral infractions that justified the annulment of that 2007 election was not a tenth as villainous and widespread as the misanthropic and chaotic governorship election conducted in Delta State on 18th of March 2023.

The Delta State governorship and House of Assembly election was not just rigged, it was a massive heist, planned and executed across the state with the organized precision and skills that could only be achieved by a well-rehearsed criminal gang.

BIVAS accreditation machines did not record half as many voters as finally recorded in the result sheets. This is true across the twenty-five Local Government Areas of the state. Accredited voting records do not have any resemblance with the high volume of votes recorded across Delta State. In some places, recorded votes were twice or three times the number of accredited voters.

In many areas across the state, two or three booklets of ballot papers were removed from the required supplies to polling units and then thumb-printed elsewhere and later stuffed into the ballot boxes to be counted along with the valid votes.

So the judges in the Delta election petition tribunal must be made to insist on taking due cognizance of the difference between accredited voters and the number of votes counted to achieve the figures that led to the declaration of a winner. If this is done as it is required, the election of the PDP candidate cannot stand. So let no one be pumping chests yet. The Delta election was gerrymandered with a scoffing contempt for the will of the people and a clear confidence that the tribunal judges would be bought over to validate the larceny.

Jurisprudence is replete with instances where technology is used to burst well-planned and executed crime. So it will be with the Delta State governorship and House of Assembly election. The governorship election in the state was a well-planned and coordinated crime implemented statewide and the outcome of that theft must not be allowed to stand.

Fingerprint experts will reveal the sameness of the thumbprints on the ballot papers and BVAS will have record of total accreditations in each polling unit. So let’s get started. A governor must never again be allowed to emerge from a criminal operation.

The 2022 electoral law prescribes clearly what happens to votes in units and areas where over-voting is recorded. The tribunal judges will neither change or ignore facts now embedded in the BIVAS.

So it is a fait accompli that the governorship and House of Assembly election of 18th March in Delta State cannot stand, not with the evident breaches observed on the election day and the expected deployment of technology to re-evaluate the process and the records.

In the entire Delta North Senatorial district, for instance, it was open same-same for rigging with impunity by the ruling PDP. There was a total and deliberate absence of security, so PDP was let free to be wanton and unrestrained. Rigging with impunity was widespread and unchecked.

Bags of rice were alleged to have been moved accompanied with sacks of currency to Ika South district, a night before the elections. There was brazen distribution of money for the purchase of votes at election venues unchallenged.

So many people in the state now believe that the governor has achieved mastery at throwing state money at problems and that he would just throw money at the tribunal judges and the case will be won. We will await to see that happen.

The 2023 governorship election in Delta State revealed the fact that some of the candidates were mere stoogies put in the contest by the governor and funded by the PDP to disrupt the elections and steal the votes of a particular candidate.

Chief among these, allegedly, was the perennial candidate of Delta governorship election, Great Ogboru. For two long decades he’s been running to be governor of Delta State and getting nowhere, diminishing in votes and stature at every election and beaten black and blue by every opponent.

If the 2007 election can be annulled despite its far fewer electoral breaches, the monstrous breaches in the 2023 governorship election in Delta State will submit itself to the same fate. Technology has taken care of that.

Criminals in Nigeria always fall flat to the scrutiny of technology. The minds and actions of the criminals are enamoured to and trapped in the dark where they operate and thrive. Exposed to the scrutiny of light and exposure, they are revealed for what they truly are, thieving hooligans. The 2023 Delta State election will be exposed to the light of technology and verification and exposed for what really transpired.

The 2023 Delta State gubernatorial election is a heist. It won’t stand. It is our appeal to our supporters and the general public to remain calm. The good news is that even those who claim to have “won” an election are more in the mood of mourning than celebration.

Dr. Timi is Deputy Director, Media & Publicity Committee, Delta APC Campaign Organization


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