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Ex-Presidential Aspirant To Obi: “Your Negligence Made Labour Party Loose The Election”



Ex-Presidential Aspirant To Obi: “Your Negligence Made Labour Party Loose The Election”

The former Presidential Aspirant for Labour Party, Oluwadare Joseph Faduri has written to the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi to stop crying foul for losing the election to his opponent out of his negligence.

Faduri made this statement known in an open letter posted on his social media handle recently, claiming that the politician should stop blaming anyone for his failure.

According to the letter, “It is laughable after losing the 2023 Presidential election and coming third that Peter Obi is crying foul of the election he handled with alacrity.

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“Two weeks before the Election, i stated it clearly in an official press statement i Issued out, where I said if Labour Party loses the Presidential election that Peter Obi should be blamed. In that release, I enumerated all the lapses of the non-inclusive leadership style of him, i went further to mention the starving of mobilization and Presidential campaign committees all over the country with funds to mobilise for the election, and not to mention that the Labour Party had no polling agents in many of the polling units across the country.

“Mr. Peter Obi got it wrong in so many ways, he couldn’t even seek the help of the already tired Nigerian Youths to volunteer to be the Party agents and trained them. For such, I knew millions of Youths would have come out to help the party serve as an agent without collecting a dime. All he needed to do was to provide transport fare where needed but he ignored that aspect.

“Not engaging Nigerians but allowing them to be in disarray, thinking that the election would be free and fair. Believing that angels would guard the polls. This is so funny and I laughed.

“Election is never perfect anywhere in the world, not even in a Nation like the America where they have been practicing democracy for over 250years.

“Labour Party had the chance of winning but Obi messed it up. I personally disagree that we were rigged out. Obi made us vulnerable to be rigged out, and it is so disappointing after so many hopeless Nigerians laboured so hard for a new government, and the party returned them to their old ways. We returned what we said we don’t want and to think that the court will revert the case in our favour is an elephant project.

“Though, there are irregularities but those irregularities are not enough to tilt the election in our favour. If we had put agents in all the polling units and begged Nigerian Youths to volunteer, we would be talking from a position of facts, a position of strength, and not emotions.

“I am glad that I started this movement and even when Mr. Obi came to hijack the movement last minute and played politics in Asaba with money during our Presidential primary, i thought he knew better than I do, that the election of such also he would need to guard the house and the votes but because we wanted to guard our resources for the election, we lost the election due to our undermining. Southwest, Northwest and Northeast arm of the Party pulled out last minute, all due to leadership style which is not inclusive. Many members of Labour Party knew I am saying the truth and I dare anyone of them to challenge me if what I am saying is not real.

“Nigerian Youths showed that we are not tribalistic. Yoruba, Igbo Hausa, Fulani and all other ethic groups came out to vote for Peter. I hope in the nearest future, we will continue this culture of Nigerians supporting any candidate from any tribe massively without favour or prejudice.

“We all want Nigeria that works for everyone not just a few and that’s why the Youths are awake to their responsibility. If Mr Peter Obi had listened and not been short sighted to heed my cries and calling of his attention to the basics of politics, we would be talking about handing over to him today and not figuring out how to reclaim a mandate already lost due to our own leadership failures.

“And to INEC Chairman. Professor Mahmood Yakubu, In as much as I knew the magnitudes of the works on your table, it is also important to lash on you sir that you over promised Nigerians and under delivered.

“Nigerians followed you through in all your deliveries and expected a hitch free election but you failed to let them know that no perfect election anywhere in the world, but you will do your best to oversee one. You gave us an impression of a perfect February 25th and here we are with the old story. I hope that you will check your lapses and work on better election for the gubernatorial election ahead of you and other upcoming elections in the future.

“Finally, regardless of who is elected in, I want a Nigeria that works for everyone and a country that we can call home. So, i am using this medium to appeal to Nigerians especially the Youths that we must sustain the political culture we just started, and continue the movement peacefully, intellectually, calculatingly, and persistently.

“Continue the positive and full participation. I see a new Nation ahead. We must get involved not just for Presidency but in all political positions in our country. We should no longer sit aside but decide who is our Governor, Local Govt Chairman and others. Let politicians know that the game is over, now we decide who to vote for, someone that will better our lives and our country, it is no longer business as usual, it’s no longer not too young to run, it is our time to run and decides who runs and who wins”, he said.


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