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OPINION: Delta Guber & Sheriff’s Purchased Victory



Oborevwori Wins Delta Governorship Election

Those who are excited that incumbent Ifeanyi Okowa has won a third tenure as governor of Delta state by imposing a stooge and placeholder, Sheriff Oborevwori, are April fools and will remain fools of the 21st century.

Only fools will support Sheriff and his bought over victory as governor-elect. Where did they get all those ghost votes from? My advice is that an Osubi-Urhobo tyrant, Sheriff will not be imposed governor of Delta.

Sheriff has nothing to offer. Shame on their victory that will be nullified by the court. It is shameful, particularly for Delta Central, that of all the informed minds that abound, an unlearned community tyrant with doubtful academic and birth certificates is who Okowa rigged in as governor-elect of Delta.

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There is no state in the entire country that will have the kind of Sheriff as a governor. Sheriff doesn’t have the capacity to be a ward councillor of an LG talk much of being a stooge governor. Okowa and co should be ashamed of selves for looting Delta’s treasury dry to buy votes and INEC Delta Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) to declare Sheriff as governor-elect.

An Urhobo-Osubi tyrant is governor-elect and some elites are still excited in the name of “he is our brother.” Sheriff has no agenda and doesn’t understand what the role of a state governor is. What is the difference between M.C Oluomo of Lagos state and Sherriff Oborevwori, the dummy speaker of Delta State House of Assembly?

Okowa is damn wicked to have used Delta state apparatus and commonwealth to impose Sheriff. He knows he is not worth a Delta governor. Shame on all those who are part of this shameful declaration of Sheriff as Delta governor-elect. His third plot to impose a remote controlled errand boy to perfect his third term bid will not materialised.

Soon they will mock themselves of their purchased victory. Delta is further set backward with a leadership misfit as Delta governor-elect. The prevailing development has also exposed Great Ogboru as a disgrace and shameless jobber who would stoop so low to visit Okowa and Sherriff few minutes after the electoral robbery that glorifies Sheriff as governor elect.

That Ogboru, a guber candidate, without informing his supporters some of who were willing to die for him will suddenly rush to validate the robber of an electoral victory of the most rejected candidate is so appalling. What a shameless jobber.

I have been told long ago that Ogboru, in all his serial entry in elections for the governorship of Delta has never contested with real
intent to win. His prime target as always is to get settled to play spoiler, but I didn’t believe until he was sponsored to contest under APGA by Okowa and Sheriff in this year’s polls.

Shame on Ogboru. He has lost respect of those who have been fooled all along that he was desperate and committed to being governor. If he had openly defected to PDP without contesting, one would have understood, but in this case he was planted in APGA to contest as guber candidate. Ogboru has been pretending. Shame on him.

Zik Gbemre
March 21,2023

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