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46-Year-Old Man Dies In Alcohol Drinking Contest In Sapele



46-Year-Old Man Dies In Alcohol Drinking Contest In Sapele

By Peace Aikhuere-Caleb

In a shocking turn of events, a yet-to-be identified 46-year-old man has lost his life in a drinking competition with a friend in Sapele, Delta State.

Known for his notorious involvement in the production of counterfeit beverages and multiple encounters with law enforcement agencies, the man was reported to have met his untimely death in an undisclosed area within the timber town.

According to a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the man was swiftly rushed to a private hospital after collapsing from excessive alcoholic intake in the contest.

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Unfortunately, despite the efforts made to save his life, he died at the said private hospital.

The source disclosed that the dead man was always participating in dangerous alcoholic drinking contests and other perilous activities.

Evidently consumed by his passion for alcoholic beverages, the dead man was reported to have boasted to be invincible to the effects of alcohol.

The anonymous source expressed dismay, saying “he thought he could do anything with alcohol.”


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