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Egbo Inaugurates 26-Man Advisory Committee



Egbo Inaugurates 26-Man Advisory Committee

By Ted Atagbaza

The Member representing the Isoko extraction on the Board of DESOPADEC, Chief Victor Egbo today, 28th July, 2023 inaugurated an Advisory Committee with members carefully selected from the 17 Clans in Isoko.

Welcoming the Committee Members in the chambers of the Isoko South Local Government Chairman, Hon. Victor Asasa, Chief Egbo thanked the Members for honoring his call despite the fact that it was impromptu.

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Addressing them on his reason for the invitation, Chief Egbo said having seen the performance of his predecessors, he is determined to build on the development they accomplished. Hence, he invited those he knows can help him drive this process so it can be easier for Isoko and himself as the Rep and to achieve the purpose of their prayers for him. Hence, he came up with the idea of having an advisory committee that will look into the plight of the people of the oil producing communities, the impacted communities and the cluster communities of Isoko. Isoko is one big family and nothing should be seen to divide us. We should all work as a family to bring about more development to our land.

Chief Egbo noted that everybody is important in Isoko but not all the names can be computed hence, a few known to be very trustworthy people who have been tested in different capacities and ways in Isoko and have contributed earnestly to the growth and development of Isoko were invited, stating that all were picked on merit based on the trust their communities have for them.
He informed them that in compiling the list, he also met with the Executive Director, Finance and Administration on the Board of DESOPADEC, Chief Oghenekome Okpobor, also an Isoko man from Iyede who also made his input too to confirm the inseparable synergy between the two of them.

While thanking them for accepting the offer, Chief Egbo proceeded to advise them on some issues on ground since work has already started with their inauguration. First is the issue of budget which he said he had already discussed with his fellow Isoko counterpart, the EDFA and that it is not something they should hurry over so as not to overshoot Isoko allocation. Secondly is the issue of contractors being owed. Thirdly and more importantly is the issue of abandoned projects littering several communities in Isoko land though a template was left behind by the past Board.

Urging the Committee members to visit the projects for on-the-spot assessment, he advised they make out a day and a time table for the movement.

“I really want all of us to put our heads together and fathom out ways of tackling all these abandoned projects before commencing with new ones as this would erode the idea of some people wanting to pressurize me into executing certain projects to satisfy their selfish needs,” Chief Egbo said.

Responding on behalf of the other members, the representative of Isoko Development Union, Chief Odhomo Daniel said, “On behalf of the members, I want to very specially, thank the Isoko Rep for this wonderful arrangement. DESOPADEC is an interventionist agency and so many people have occupied that position. Composing an advisory committee like this implies you want the dividends of that place to trickle down to the common man. So for somebody occupying that position to moot this idea to set up this advisory committee is a welcome development. So I want to, on behalf of all of us here, say a big thank you and may God bless you,” he said.

Speaking, the Royal Father amongst them, HRM. Johnson Egbo Ewhiri II, the Ovie of Emede after thanking Chief Egbo said, “I think this is the first of its kind that I have witnessed, that an ethnic rep in DESOPADEC will set up an advisory committee and beg them to advise him on what to do. It is one of the best things ever that he has done for us. I am even wondering how I found myself in your midst because I said I am not a politician but he said we are all political animals. Today, I am dining and wining with all the big guys of politics. I will align myself with the IDU representative, Chief Odhomo who said thank you. We really have to thank you.

“Our elders say when a child washes his hands clean, he will dine with the elders. With what you have done, you have prepared a very good bed. Your political future is a go, as the politicians would say. When you start well, you will end well. You have started well and we all pray for you that you will end well in Jesus’ name.”

Going further, the Royal Father said, “You can call on us at any time. We will be here to give you advice. No more business as usual. With all of us advising you on what to put in each of these communities, your name has been written in gold. We will be the voice. If what is due us is not coming to us, this body will be the voice to tell DESOPADEC that we want what is due to Isoko. When you have people like this behind you, you will not falter.

“Today, I pray for His Excellency who chose you to be the Isoko ethnic rep, that he has done well to have chosen you because we have been seeing you but never knew you had this kind of golden mind. We all therefore, accept this position in good faith and we will work with you.”

The Royal Father, HRM. Johnson Egbo Ewhiri II who was eventually picked as the Chairman of the Committee, and who has Mr. Jonathan Umukoro JP as his Secretary, asked that a list of all abandoned projects be compiled by the Member’s office and handed over to them to ease their work.

Highpoint of the event was the formal inauguration of the Advisory Committee members.


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