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Ijaw Group Asks Gov Oborevwori To Stand-down Warri North Nominees For Commissioner



Oborevwori: One Week In The Saddle

Egbema Equity and Justice Forum (EEJF), a a non-partsan group that cuts across all political parties in Egbema kingdom has asked for a stand-down of the Warri North Commissioners Nominees by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.

In a statement on Friday signed by Comr. Ebidouwei M. Miyenpirigha, President, Egbema Equity and Justice Forum and Comr. Moses Ugular, Secretary, Egbema Equity and Justice Forum, the group added: “We are constrained to make a statement on the trending issue of Commissioner nominees by His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, The Executive Governor of Delta State to the Delta State House Assembly for the purpose of screening and confirmation.”

Continuing, the group said: “The Leadership of Egbema Equity and Justice Forum ( EEJF) a group in search of equity and Justice for Egbema Kingdom, we owe it a duty to defend and protect the political and social interest and demand for equity for the marginalization and deprivation of our people. We are using this medium to draw the attention of the Governor of Delta State and the general public about our displeasure on the trending issue as per the nomination of Commissioners by the Governor.”

“We keenly believe in our mind and indeed we have assume in the ability of the current administration to be guided by the principles of fairness, justice and equity in taking critical decisions such as the nomination of the State cabinet members (Commissioners).

“However, the current list forwarded by His Excellency does not portray the justice, fairness and equity expected of him as a Governor whose mandate is to protect the political interest of all inhabitants of the State.

“The narative of the Egbema Ijaws in Warri North is no longer a news to any political leader in Delta State and beyond, a fact that is well known to our amiable Governor. Hence, we had expected a paradigm shift from the current administration. But to our dismay, the story of the age long marginalisation, denial, neglect, deprivation and oppression of the Egbema Ijaws seems to have remained unresolved as demonstrated by the release of appointments by this current administration,” the group said.

According to the statement, they have also not benefited adequately the dividends of democracy following the lopsided appointments from successive Government since the creation of the Local Government Area, which they stated they jointly own with their Itsekiri neighbours.

The statement said further: “We have persistently complained about this obvious anomaly and political subjugation, but to no succour has come to the parlous political plight of the Egbema Man.

“In similar vein, we were perpetually denied the position of the L.G.A. Executive Chairman until recently when one of our sons was considered by His Excellency, Sen. Dr Ifeanyi Okowa led administration, thus breaking the age long jinx.

It is important to note that Egbema have FOUR (4) political Wards while the Itsekiris have SIX (6) wards. In reality, we have more eligible voters on ground as was established in the last election through the use of the BIVAS.

“Egbema Kingdom is naturally endowed with abundant mineral resources and thus play host to both multinational and national oil prospecting companies with attendant negative environmental impact on our terrain, while the State smiles home from the acruable royalties from the federal revenue.

We are shocked with the expectation to benefit maximally due to our enormous contributions to the emergence of Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevweri as winner of the gubernatorial poll that, the list Mr. Governor just forwarded to the House of Assembly for approval is an understatement as a careful perusal of the list shows a lopsidedness that tilted in favour of our Itsekiri neighbours as two indigenes of itsekiri extraction were forward without consideration for any son/daughter of Egbema indigenes to be nominated. This situation does not represent fairness, justice and equity.

“The only meaning that could be read into the unfortunate development is that our people can only cast their votes but they should not expect commensurate benefits. Is it a sin that the Egbema people stood for the election of Mr. Governor? We do not think so, as we strongly believe that the Executive Governor has a better clue of our plight and perhaps must have been placed under unimaginable pressure to take this unacceptable decision.

We humbly call on His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State to consider one of our son/daughter as a member of the State Executive Council as a cabinet Commissioner. Also, our earnest concerns is that, all sons and daughters of Egbema Kingdom is to exercise restrainCombat Poverty To Reduce Crime, Rights Activist Tells Political Leaderst and be patience and most importantly we should be law abiding while we make frantic effort to meet with Mr. Governor in order to resolve this embarrassing anomaly.

“We still have faith in the determination of Mr. Governor to run an all inclusive government built on the principles of fairness, justice and equity. Hence, we call for a quick audience with Mr. Governor for a round table discussion.


“The place of Egbema Ijaws in Warri North L.G.A. and Delta State politics cannot be perpetually undermined. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”


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