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High Chief Calls On IGP, Delta CP To Arrest Fugitives Wanted For Murder, Rape, Arson In Ogwashi-Uku



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High Chief Gabriel Ohai who is the Odogwu (Traditional Warlord) of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom in Delta State has called on the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Kayode Egbetoku and Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Wale Abbas to intensify their efforts to arrest the suspects in the Azungwu community in Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom who are wanted for murder, rape and arson.

In an appeal directed at the Police bosses, the Odogwu of Ogwashi-Uku lamented the impunity and mischief of the suspects who had the temerity to arrange a press meeting where they appealed to government to come to their aid.

According to him, it is only in Nigeria that fugitives who are wanted by the police for murder, rape and arson with charges in court will go to give press men 300,000 to publish articles on their behalf.

Chief Gabriel Ohai continued as follows “Nigeria is truly a wonderful place. When I was attacked, my uncle killed, my house and farm burnt to the ground, I went to the Delta State government, Human Rights Commission, and Edwin Uzor, the conflict resolution person appointed by government. I was advised to take my case to the police since they were criminal issues. After two years of painstaking investigation, a review by the Director of Public Prosecution and charges filed against these individuals, it is now that they know that government exists. Why have they not surrendered to the law enforcement authorities. Are criminal cases settled by social media?”

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The Odogwu of Ogwashi-Uku stressed that the police must intensify their efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects so they can be brought to justice.

According to him, they are recalcitrant, unrepentant and still committing crimes.

He said: “Some of them have just been arrested by the FCID Abuja for another case of murder. This should tell everyone that these fugitives are serial offenders. They are the same people who ran away from the courts with police handcuffs earlier this year. They summoned a mob and overwhelmed the police while in court and the mob freed all the individuals. They deserve absolutely no consideration.”

The remaining suspects according to him include Mr Eluemunor Nwaolise, Ifechukwude Ikewenji, Austin Nkwo, Ikechukwu odogwu, Monday egbe okelue, Augustine Edelie, Ubaka Ajiduah, uche ikenweji, John ochei , Amechi Adinfono, nwabuisi adinfono , Eke mekoma, Anthony Nwaduba.

He called on the remaining suspects to spare their community from police visits by submitting themselves to the law enforcement authorities instead of living the lives of fugitives.

High Chief Calls On IGP, Delta CP To Arrest Fugitives Wanted For Murder, Rape, Arson In Ogwashi-Uku

Iloba Obata




  1. Adam person

    November 26, 2023 at 3:13 pm

    I seriously want to ask the useless IGP and the commission of police this question.
    How can someone fight for a chief title in the community he’s not from you police aren’t doing your work because of bribe you police are the one destroying this country Nigeria it’s a pity you all the Nigerians are looking onto are their collecting money to accuse the men in one community of rape, cultists, murders in ogbe-odogwu community the man fighting for chief odogwu Gabriel Ohai isn’t from the community and he’s fighting for a chief you police are supporting evil but I will assure you all that this case will end maybe after carrying death bodies in the community and I will take this case outside Nigeria because the police we have in Nigeria are after money once they have seen money they are ready to do anything I’m here to state that that young man fighting for a chief title isn’t from that community he’s a cultist .
    Have you police ask him where he brought out gun to shoot the youths in ogbe-odogwu community in azugwu ogwashi-uku Delta State

  2. Adam person

    November 26, 2023 at 3:30 pm

    Same man who have been disturbing me to join his cult last year he was arrested when he went to release his members from police cell and with a day the obi of ogwashi-uku who’s the king ask the police to release him and their others members the king did this because he is also a member of the cult they are the once causing killing in ogwashi-uku and instead of the Nigeria police to put their eyes into that they are here collecting bribe from two cultist killing ogwashi-uku boys in Delta State Obi ifechukwude ananshi and Gabriel Ohai are cultist they’re the once providing gun’s for their fellow members to kill other cult members but you police won’t act because so many of you are involved in cult this case will continue to go on until you police officer’s do the right things Gabriel Ohai isn’t from ogbe-odogwu community in azugwu ogwashi-uku Delta State he should go and ask his mother who’s father is and stop fighting for what doesn’t belong to him we the community doesn’t need a cultist as their chief or odogwu if you police has sense of belonging you will ask him after sending the men in prison who is he going to rule as chief but don’t forget one good turn deserve another everything he’s during now is in record when he’s old he will receive it from the young once coming up.
    You police aren’t working at all instead you’re destroying Nigeria more my father is also arrested you police will hear from me sooner or later for following injustice, collecting bribe to send others to prison your life’s will never end well

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