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Opinion: Media Trial Of Emefiele Worrisome



Opinion: Media Trial Of Emefiele Worrisome

We have been hearing former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele did this, did that shortly before the 2023 general election when the Department of State Security (DSS) started hunting him for arrest but was being shielded by the military under the Command or orders of his Ika-Igbo brother, Gen Lucky Irabor, Chief of Defence Staff.

The question remains unanswered if Gen Irabor could have prevented his arrest without the approval of then President Mohammadu Buhari who was Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That is all history now though.

Under the new administration of President Bola Tinubu, Emefiele became unprotected, endangered and was arrested by DSS before handing him over to EFCC for further investigation.

The bunch of alleged financial offenses being levelled against Emefiele could not have been committed without the approval of former President Buhari who appointed Emefiele and he was answerable to.

Emefiele was not elected but appointed by Buhari and couldn’t have stolen much as alleged in the media trial of the former CBN boss, without approval from his boss. We are tired of Emefiele story like the folktale without the mention of the tortoise.

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The media trial of Emefiele has become boring. If Emefiele has committed any offense, he should be prosecuted in a competent court of law. If the investigators have evidences against him, he should be properly tried in the law courts with lawful jurisdiction.

The investigators of Emefiele can’t be prosecutors and judge over his trial. The media trial of Emefiele should stop. I don’t support Emefiele for being too greedy to allow self to be used by politicians in power.

A greedy person will lose his/her self-esteem and dignity if he/she allows self to be used by the evil politicians. Of course, Emefiele will ‘bell the cat’ since having been a greedy and power-drunk super CBN Governor.

However, all media trials should stop and let Emefiele ‘bell the cat’ in the competent law court. If Emefiele has committed any offense, he should be prosecuted rather than the media trial.

All these alleged offenses of Emefiele should be interrogated in the court of law and not being spread in the media and social media. Enough of the media trial.

Zik Gbemre
December 23, 2023

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mamus Degreat EJEBA

    December 26, 2023 at 7:19 am

    The Emefiele of a person is nothing but a 1st class Criminal without conscience.
    We all could remember vividly November last year 2022, how the so-called NAIRA REDESIGNED caused pains, penury, anguish, poverty and death to so many Nigerians out of the stupidity and greed of this super CBN Governor Emefiele. In fact, Emefiele should be stripped of all he stole from Nigeria and those money be used to compensate VICTIMS OF THE NAIRA REDESIGN.

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