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PRESS STATEMENT: The Delta Health Sector In Dire Need For Rejuvenation



PRESS STATEMENT: The Delta Health Sector In Dire Need For Rejuvenation

The axiom: Health is wealth, is to some, a mere saying and whereas, a dead man cannot be a President, Governor, Senator, House of Representative member nor House of Assembly member; Such is the importance of health. Time is life, life is time. There are conditions that can consume human life in minutes, hours and few days if immediate action is not taken, this is why we need to have the requisite numbers of Medical employees and the necessary equipment to provide international standard agreed best health care services to Deltans and Nigerians in General.

Oftentimes, political office holders make humongous promises while seeking for offices and when they ascend it is as though, the led can die all they want, in as far they have a waiting private jet to ferry them away when they are sick. Could we conclude that they are all the same and nothing matters to them but their pockets? Can we say they are insensitive to the plight of the masses that they claim to represent? Are they willfully ignorant of what is desired to make the Hospital run/work? Or are they averse to advancing the Nigerian state to what they see when they move abroad? Could one say that those leaders abroad are aliens with higher brain centres(super humans) and ours with lower brain centres(lower humans) for cerebration?

May I herewith, call on the Executive Governor of Delta State, H. E. Elder Sheriff Oborevwori. O to support the Hon. Commissioner of Health, Dr. Joseph Onojaeme towards repositioning the Health Sector in Delta State. Most of the centres in the State can barely resuscitate a patient in cardiac arrest, not to talk of many other diseases that plague our ailing population.

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Areas needing immediate action include:
1. Manpower
2. Equipment and

renovation of offices.
3. Accreditation of Departments to save Delta State of unnecessary waste resources.
4. Adequate remuneration, at least Government should take us to the dollar equivalent of our minimum wage of 2014, wherein 18,000naira was about 109dollars at the dollar rate of 1dollar:165naira.(The fact is that Nigerians in 2014 were complaining that things were so hard to such an extent that they were gullible enough to buy the “CHANGE” MANTRA of the APC at that time, today renewed HOPE has left Nigerians much more impoverished and placed us as one of the poorest countries in the world. Even the middle class hardly earn 500dollars/Month.(mind you, we import everything).

If a leader thinks Welfare for his people, then Health must be placed on the high priority list.

A stitch in time, saves nine.

God bless ARD DELSUTH, God bless DELSUTH and God bless Delta State.

Comrade Dr. Harrison ADJA
Immediate Past President
& President-elect, ARD DELSUTH 2023/24.



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