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Sheriff’s Tallest Xmas Tree: Another Display Of Petty Leadership



Sheriff's Tallest Xmas Tree: Another Display Of Petty Leadership

Under Delta state’s checkered history of irresponsible, thieving leadership foisted on the people by the PDP hegemony, incumbent Governor Sheriff Oborevwori still chooses to escalate the pettiness of his predecessors.

Of all the underdevelopment Delta suffers amidst being among the states with the highest allocations from the federation account, the wisest path Oborevwori could think of channeling the commonwealth is to aim for erecting Africa’s tallest Christmas Tree in Asaba.

Sheriff’s tallest Christmas tree in Asaba is another project aimed to further drain Delta’s treasury to share for himself and hangers-on who are busy praising him as an achiever.

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Sheriff’s Christmas tree is rated the tallest in Africa. And I bet verifying that rating alone could have cost Delta State a fortune. This tallest Christmas tree budget is enough to pay retirees their gratuities who are being denied their entitlements for ages.

Of what economic benefits to the state is the tallest, perhaps costliest Christmas tree in Africa, for a state without motorable roads, no security, unemployment profound?

What is the value in Delta to pride itself as the only state in Nigeria that has the tallest Christmas tree in Africa? To Sherriff and his hangers-on it is a big achievement for his administration, that he will be remembered for erecting the tallest Christmas tree in Africa.

Shame!, shame!!, shame!!!.

Nigerian politicians are shameless. Do they care? of course not. The more hardships in the country the richer and happier they are and their families. To them, “Na government money, make we spend am recklessly”.

The Christmas tree is 123 feet tall. To Sherriff, it is an honorable record achievement. Delta!!! From one chance to another.

Zik Gbemre

December 8, 2023

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