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Ughelli North PDP Youths Appeal To Oborevwori, Esiso, Others Over None Rotation Of Elective, Appointive Positions



Ughelli North PDP Youths Appeals To Oborevwori, Esiso, Others Over None Rotation Of Elective, Appointive Positions

The Concerned Youth of Ughelli North Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ward 3/7 at the weekend, appealed to His Excellency, Sheriff Oborevwori, state party chairman, Barr. Kingsley Esiso, Delta Central party chairman, Chief Patrick Fovie, local government party chairman, Pastor Nomuoja and other leaders of the party over none rotation of elective and appointive positions.

The appeal letter which was sent to the state chairman, Barr. Kingsley Esiso and copied Hon. Onoriode Agofure, Honourable Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Festus Agas, Chief Patrick Egone, Chief Sylvester Kohwo, Chief Fred Majemite, Barr. Jaro Egbo, Comrade Lucky Ikporo and others has appealed for fairness, equity and justice over the none rotation and equitable distribution of elective and appointive positions in Ughelli North.

The appeal letter which signed by Ade Kingsley, Odovie, Oshevire Anthony, Ogbovwan, Ufuoma Oghenedoro, Afiesere, Newword, Ododegho,
Onoriode Adjanakpo and others had explained that the rotation and the zoning is the only acceptable mechanism of sharing elective and appointive positions that will bring harmonious living.

The appeal letter reads, “Need for councilor rotation/zoning in ward 3/7.
It is no longer news that Ughelli north ward 3/7 comprises of seven rural communities that has one federal ward councilor representative which includes Afiesere, Eruemukohwarien, Ododegho, Ujode, Ohwara, Ogbovwan and Odovie respectively.

“In politics, equity and fairness must come to play. It will interest you to know that as big as ward 3/7, there is no proper arrangement in regards to the councilorship position. We therefore as a concerned youth in the ward use this medium to appeal to our elders and leaders to consider the zoning/rotation pattern now.

“This has become very necessary as the 2024 council election is near, and this will enable the ward to navigate in the usual way of winning election rather to plugs the ward into an unending crisis.

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“Reason why the rotation and zoning should be done in both elective and appointive positions is because we have carefully researched and discovered that the bigger communities benefits more while some of the smaller communities have not benefited from the system.

“For instance, the sitting councilor is from Eruemukohwarien, PDP state representative from Eruemukohwarien, PDP LG representative from Eruemukohwarien, Ughelli north constituency 2 elder and leader forum woman leader from Eruemukohwarien.

“Other ones are, a slot among the 3 slots to be considered for an appointment from Eruemukohwarien in this Oborevwori’s administration. All these from one community out of seven while others are watching.

“Again,the same Eruemukohwarien has produced 3 times elected councilor including the present one this is not to be targeted towards any particular individual but to set the record straight.

“If the zoning/rotation is adhered by it will ease the unnecessary spending by aspirants during consultation and also given room to carry people along without excuse and it will also give rise to execution of projects across the world.

“The zoning and rotation will also give hope to those hard working petty man, they one day it will get to his or her turn, this will also put an end aggrieved members and decamping in the party.

“There is no another time we shall wait for the time of the rotation/zoning should be done now because the next person that will that over power will equally agitate for 2 tenure, not waiting till when “Things Fall Apart” and the Centre could no longer hold as said by Chinua Achebe.

“We have been greatly disturbed by this act for one particular community to agitate for 2 tenure, we therefore call on our esteemed elders and leaders across constituency 2 to wade into the issue as a matter of urgency as it has been a concern for ward 3/7 youth”.


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