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Shell’s Increasing Exit From Nigeria: What Delta State Govt. Should Do



Shell's Increasing Exit From Nigeria: What Delta State Govt. Should Do

October 2023, one Vincent Oyibode, intoxicated by his appointment by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori as Commissioner on Oil & Gas, made the false claim that Shell has assured the Delta State Government that it was returning to Warri.

I lambasted the ignorant and conceited governor’s aide and told him to shut his mouth if he has no meaningful duty to dispense with his irrelevant office.

I made the point, that Shell had already sold off their interests in most of its assets in the Western operations. Some people doubted me then when I said they can’t go and negotiate for what they had sold already as international oil company, IOC operating all over the world.

I know Vincent Oyibode was trying to make himself relevant with packs of lies to promote his boss, Gov Sheriff Oborevwori who I think was never prepared to govern Delta state, neither does he know what governance is about, hence he engaged a bunch of incompetent appointees to spread fake stories, like harping on Shell’s return to Warri.

With the official announcement that Shell is divesting its entire onshore operations in Warri and Port-Harcourt areas to focus only on its deep offshore operations being operated by Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production company, SNEPCO from Freeman House in Marina, Lagos, I’m vindicated.

The Bonga Deep Offshore of Shell is the popular Floating Production, Storage and Offloading, FPSO vessel that lies 120km South-West of the Niger-Delta in the South South region in the water depth of over 2,500 meters.

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The FPSO vessel receives crude oil and gas from wells on the seabed. The Bonga field produces natural gas and crude oil and has export terminal.

I think what Delta state government should be lobbying for is to relocate the SNEPCO office from Freeman House in Marina, Lagos to Ogunu-Warri and Edjeba-Warri that already have facilities to operate office and using Osubi-Warri Airport to lift workers to the Bonga field which is about 25 minutes flight with helicopters from Osubi-Warri Airport to Bonga FPSO.

It is no longer secret that Shell has sold its assets in all its onshore fields in Warri and Port-Harcourt subject to the approval of the federal government of Nigeria.

I have been vindicated for lambasting Oyibode for spreading fake stories in October 2023.

*_Zik Gbemre_*
*_January 24, 2024_*

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