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“Anybody Saying The Removal Of Fuel Subsidy, Floating Of The Naira Are Not Working Is A Liar” –Omokri



President Tinubu Celebrates Reno Omokri On 50th Birthday

By Daniel Dafe

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has said that “anybody saying the removal of fuel subsidy and the floating of the Naira are not working is a liar.”

Omokri said this in a post on X late Thursday.

He added: “The policies are working. Please fact-check me: Fuel importation to Nigeria has reduced by 1 billion litres per month, while capital importation has increased by 66%.

“That means less money is leaving Nigeria to import fuel while more money is coming into Nigeria to invest.”

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According to him, “one billion litres of fuel is equivalent to over ₦600 billion,” saying that the said amount would have left Nigeria every month.

“Instead, it is now circulating in Nigeria. If you like, protest. If you don’t #GrowNairaBuyNaija, the naira will not appreciate,” he opined.


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