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Education Is Not A Scam, A Credible Tool For Fulfilling Destiny – Oghenesivbe



Education Is Not A Scam, A Credible Tool For Fulfilling Destiny - Oghenesivbe

Chief Executive Officer of Delta State Orientation Bureau, Dr Latimore Oghenesivbe has again corrected the wrong notion of education is a scam, saying that formal education remained an integral part of nation building, and that it enhances fulfillment of individual destiny irrespective of religion, tribe, colour or ethnic nationality.

He said some criminal minded youths who are neck deep into advance fee fraud and blood money rituals crafted the “education nah scam” slogan with the primary objective of recruiting gullible youth, students, innocent and law abiding citizens into their criminal networks, adding that the governor of Delta State, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori has charged the Bureau to fast track sensitization campaigns on the numerous advantages of education and the life time negative effects of illiteracy, intellectual laziness and quest for ill-gotten wealth without a corresponding legitimate labour or services.

Oghenesivbe who was a guest of a national radio public affairs programme on Sunday in Lagos, disclosed that the government of Delta State through the Ministry of Youth Development is putting finishing touches on the master plan of a multi-billion Naira Youth Resource and Development Centre with state of the art facilities, uninterrupted IPP power supply, expansive accommodation and skills acquisition faculties that would empower, mentor and enhance entrepreneural potentials of large number of youths from the 270 Ward across twenty five local government areas in the state.

He said governor Oborevwori of Delta State, adequately captured youth between 18 and 35 years in his MORE agenda and has commence implementation as can be seen from the numerous appointment of some qualified youths serving as Commissioners and others in various capacities; pointing out that the proposed mega youth resource and development centre which is to be constructed, equipped and operated on a Public Private Partnership arrangement would effectively serve as a meeting point for all youths across the state who are determined to workout a colourful destiny in life.

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Oghenesivbe who is also the Executive Assistant on Communications to governor Oborevwori, assured that the state government will continue to invest substantially in technical education, vocational training, multifaceted skills acquisition, job and wealth creation that guarantees prosperity and socioeconomic well-being of all Deltans.

He called on youth in the state and across Nigeria, to shun cultism, intellectual laziness, criminality, idleness, and focus on acquiring sound education, skills and talent development so as to fulfil destiny, pointing out that nonavailability of white collar job is not a legitimate and acceptable reason to become semi-illiterate or school drop-outs.

“The governor of Delta State, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori is a youth friendly governor, and he’s determined to do whatever it takes lawfully and strategically to eradicate negative notion on education designed to mislead our youths from the positive path of intellectual advancement through formal education.

“The negative slogan ‘Education nah scam’ obviously came from the pit of hell, and its spreading like wild fire across the country. The spread is so infectious to the extent that the number of school drop-outs is increasing across the country. Governments at all levels must join efforts to fight this anti development trend.

“In Delta State, the infamous Yahoo and blood money rituals syndrome is fast declining and fading away for good, because the good governance strides of governor Oborevwori, especially in the area of youth mobilization and reorientation towards meaningful development, and the joint efforts of law enforcement agents who are daily tracking unwholesome criminal activities of fraudsters, illicit drugs dealers and sellers collaborating in multifaceted ways to project school nah scam negative notion.

“The MORE agenda of the governor adequately captured the youth. Reasonable number of youths were appointed as Commissioner and into various positions in fulfilment of Oborevwori’s electioneering campaigns promises, and due to his passion to adequately develop youth of Delta State.

“The state government through the Ministry of Youth Development is putting finishing touches on the master plan for the construction of a mega multi-billion Naira Youth Resource and Development Center under public-private partnership arrangement. This unique facility upon completion shall pride itself as the largest and most fascinating youth centre in Nigeria and sub-sahara Africa, another plus for governor Oborevwori administration.

“When completed, the facility would periodically recruit five youths from 270 ward across the twenty five local government areas in the state for vocational training and skills acquisition programmes.

“The Youth Resource and Development Centre (YRDC) is going to take thousands of our youths from the streets, and from the already congested national labour market occasioned by the harsh economic policies of the APC federal government,” Oghenesivbe assured.


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