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Bill To Return Nigeria To Parliamentary Government: How Sincere Are The Insensitive Reps Members?



N11.35Tn Spent On Refineries In 13 years Yet No Fuel – Reps Panel

If passed, signed into law and implemented, the bill to transform Nigeria’s from Presidential to Parliamentary government just introduced to the House of Representative will drastically reduce cost of governance.

Governance at the national and state level must be made less attractive. Nigeria doesn’t need expensive governance as it is today. The political structure needs to be overhauled to what it was before January 1966 coup d’etat.

The cost of running governance is costly for Nigeria. We need to adopt the parliamentary system of governance of the United Kingdom. Money spent for cost of governance is wasteful and unnecessary in my opinion.

Emphasis must also be placed on security in the amendments of the constitution. Nigeria is facing insecurity challenges with invasion of armed men from neighbouring countries called bandits.

Every section of the country is faced with security challenges like kidnapping, unknown gunmen killings, militancy, herdsmen killings, Boko Haram, robberies and other violent crimes.

The entire political structure must be restructured and made viable to attract economic development. Nigeria is drifting backwards at alarming rate. No sector is functioning today. The security and all related sectors have collapsed.

Judiciary has collapsed. INEC has collapsed. Infrastructure has collapsed. EFCC and ICPC have collapsed. Police, DSS and Military have collapsed. Law and order have broken down in absence of functional security apparatuses and Judiciary.

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Political and election matters are not won on merit and popularity. No sector is working in Nigeria. Governance at all levels have collapsed. Crime and sycophancy are thriving and booming. Even election monitors and observers are scam.

But who would trust the gluttons in the National Assembly enjoying the stupendous entitlements from the bloated allocations budgeted to them yearly to honesty pass a law to reduce their windfalls?

At best they are just telling Nigerians what they want to hear with no commitment to let it materialise. These lawmakers, insensitive to the increasing suffering Nigerians are facing from their misrule know that public anger is mounting.

So, I presume they are just playing this script with the bill to divert public attention, as if they mean well.

Zik Gbemre
March 11,2024

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