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“Bobrisky Confirms Nigeria As A Lawless Society” –Jackson Ude



"Bobrisky Confirms Nigeria As A Lawless Society" --Jackson Ude

By Daniel Dafe

Online Publisher, Jackson Ude has said that Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, otherwise known as Bobrisky, is one of the reasons Nigeria can be said to be a lawless society.

He said this in a post on Wednesday.

Recall that Bobrisky won an award for best female dressed guest at an event recently.

Ude added: “As far as the Nigerian laws are concern, Bobrisky’s activities are illegal as he should be in jail by now. Nigerian laws does not support transgenders, same sex marriages, same sex relationships or even the LGBTQ which Bola Tinubu’s daughter belongs.

“Until the same sex Act is amended, the activities of Bobrisky are illegal.
In August 2023, Police in Delta State arrested 67 Gay suspects. Several other Gay people have been arrested and some jailed. If Bobrisky is not being patronized by some higher level members of the society, he should have been arrested.”

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He continued: “Social media critic, Martins Vincent OTSE aka VDM was right in criticizing the authorities for allowing Bobrisky carry on with his activities. If Bobrisky is left alone, every other gay person arrested in Nigeria should be let go. The NASS should also amend the same sex Act to accommodate them. I live in a society where the LGBTQ community are protected by the laws and I respect that. If that is not the case in Nigeria, then let those who break the laws be made to face the consequences!”


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